Richard Neal Huffman

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Richard Neal Huffman announced the release of his latest book.  Richard said of the Kelly’s Way, “Mitchell Kelly seemed to always be in the sights of trouble. Maybe it was his demeanor. Maybe it was his hardened looks. Many had told him he always looked pissed off. Whatever the reason Mitch’s trek through life led him on a long hard road. Nevertheless, he found he felt compelled to do things his way, even when others chose the easier route. Kelly’s Way is what I term a ‘factional’ story of a young man going through life’s challenges and doing it his way. I use the term ‘factional’ because the story is one of fiction but has much fact to it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy, Kelly’s Way. I know I enjoyed writing it.”


More information about the book is available at

Richard Neal Huffman has published a short story, Bad Frank which is available in electronic version via Amazon. 

Richard Huffman has added another short story to his collection.  The Blue Snowman is a story of a close knit family who are brought closer together by a member's sudden health crisis. 

Richard Neal Huffman was born the son of a sharecropper. At the age of two his parents migrated to southwest Michigan.  At 20, Richard was drafted into the United States Army where he served as a medic.  He completed a tour of duty in the Panama Canal Zone where he was assigned as an ambulance driver for the 601st Medical Detachment of the United States Southern Command.  In the regular Army, Richard was an E-4.  After discharge, he joined the Michigan Army National Guard and later the Army Reserves.  In the guard he was both a medic and tank crewmen.  Richard joined the Bangor Police Department and throughout his career he would serve as a patrol officer, training officer, sergeant, detective and assistant chief of police.  Richard’s first book, “Dreams in Blue: The Real Police,” is an autobiographical journey that takes the reader inside the world of the small town cop. He introduces the reader to people, situations, and a culture that is both interesting and unique. Richard’s second book, “Rubal,” is a fictional account of a Union soldier during the Civil War.

Dreams in Blue: "The Real Police"
Richard , Neal Huffman  More Info

Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

The Bear and I
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Bad Frank
Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

Clara's Secret
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Road Rage
Richard Neal Huffman  More Info

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