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Donald Springer Hawley

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First Lieutenant Donald Springer Hawley, USA (ret.) is the author of Tigers in the Sand.  According to the book description, it “is a romantic action-adventure story combining the rare mystique of World War II’s North African campaign and its strange but often apolitical and sometimes chivalrous sense of mutual respect between bitter enemies with the contrasting realities of our more hypocritical modern times. Times of confused notions about morality and honor in this age of terrorism. It is a story of a confrontation between the values of a time gone by and this new era of politically expeditious spinning, of political correctness, and of spiritual bankruptcy. Old enemies join forces to battle modern terrorists and turn the tables on them by using their own means of inflicting terror and confusion, a resurrection of the old Afrika Korps with its hated and still feared swastika symbol. And doing so, they bury their own old hatchets in the heads of the terrorists and the new age they have come to symbolize.”

Tigers in the Sand
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