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Loribelle Hunt

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Loribelle Hunt, USA, “started writing seriously as a teenager and finished her first manuscript, a mystery, when she was 19. After a few bumps along the way and stints as an Army MP, a waitress, a book store manager, a student, and a wedding photographer, she turned to writing full time. She divides her time between a husband, three kids, writing, and a part time photography gig.” Loribelle Hunt is the author of Fireworks; Defending Serenity; Invasion Earth; Leaving Earth; Stolen Earth; Bound by Love; Rules of Engagement; Stolen: Between the Covers; Undercover of the Moon; Bad Moon Rising; Gone with the Wolf; Chasing the Moon; Call of the Moon; Christmas Moon; Captured Moon; Shifters; Claiming the Moon; Hunters Moon; and, Saving Grace.

According to the book description of Gone with the Wolf, “Personal trainer and witch extraordinaire Scarlet Nelson goes to the famous Crypt casino with her buddies Ari and Sam for a Halloween party and a good time. Entanglements are the last thing on her mind. Pack Alpha and head of security, Grant Anderson has been waiting months to get Scarlet right where he wants her-in his bed and properly mated.  Things are never as easy as they seem, though. When a guilty business partner and gaggle of zombies show up, Scarlet and Grant get a crash course in cooperation and acceptance.”


According to the book description of Bound by Love, “Nikki just wants to get out unscathed from the sex club she goes to track down an employee. Just her luck to find hot co-worker Mack Chastain lying in wait for her.  Giving into six months temptation, she agrees to a weekend fling, determined to taste the forbidden just once. What can it hurt after all? Mack Chastain can-t believe his good fortune when his old friend calls to warn him Nikki was going to the club. Mack-s had enough of being kept at arms length and has big plans for Nikki. Starting with complete submission of her body and soul.”


According to the book description of Fireworks, “Can Shane convince Jessie he-s the only man for her before her stalker attempts to end both their lives? Jessalyn Banks is a respected gallery owner in a small coastal Florida town. She isn’t looking to make any major changes in her life, but events collide in a way that takes that option away from her. A stalker enters her life, and she has no choice but to notify the town-s police chief, Shane Moore. Shane has been trying to maneuver his way into Jessie-s life for a year. Getting added to her Fourth of July planning committee is a brilliant move. Convincing her they belong together is much harder to accomplish. When her mysterious stalker escalates his activities and another woman is badly injured, events spin out of his control. Does Shane have the time to convince Jessie he-s the only man for her before the stalker makes his move? Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and graphic language.”


According to the book description of Lunar Mates, “Under Cover of the Moon Banished to lead a new pack, the last thing Darius needs is a mate to protect. Too bad his inner-wolf refuses to let Meg go. Bad Moon Rising All Trey wants is a quiet retirement from Hunting, but a local rogue targeting his newfound mate makes that impossible. Chasing the Moon Frustrated in his new duties as pack Alpha, Jackson focuses on his mate. But how long can he hold her hostage to pleasure? Call of the Moon Chloe is damaged. Can Billy convince her to give their bond a chance in two short days, Or will self-preservation force her to flee?”


According to the book description of Bad Moon Rising, “After spending his life hunting rogue werewolves, Trey Williams is looking forward to a quiet retirement in Alabama. But between hunting for the local outlaw wolf and claiming his newfound mate, Tara Burke, that peace doesn't last long. Can he find the mysterious wolf before it endangers his new mate? Tara knows all about werewolves and she doesn't want one, thank you very much, but there-s no denying the heat that flares between her and Trey. Can she use her gift for witchcraft to break the bond between them? And does she really want to?”


According to the book description of Defending Serenity, “Boyd Graham spent ten years in prison for defending the woman he didn't dare love. The town bad boy, he didn't need anything good in his life, especially when that good came in the form of a cop. Lynn Jameson spent the years atoning for sin. One night of passion and its consequence was enough to teach her to distrust sentiment. As the new police chief dealing with a smuggling ring on the Florida Gulf Coast, the last thing she needs is Boyd showing up. Can they find a way to come together or will they be forever at odds?”

Lunar Mates
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Bound By Love
Loribelle Hunt  More Info

Bad Moon Rising [Lunar Mates 2]
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Gone with the Wolf [Vegas Magic 2]
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Under Cover of the Moon [Lunar Mates 1]
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Loribelle Hunt  More Info

Defending Serenity
Loribelle Hunt  More Info

According to the book description of Undercover of the Moon, “In book one of the Lunar Mates series, Darius Stewart is banished and offered the leadership of a new pack. He has a new pack to settle and a rogue wolf terrorizing the local population, threatening to expose their species. The last thing he needs is a mate further complicating his life.  That's just fine with Meg O'Reilly. A witch, she knows something is not right in her town. Good werewolves, bad werewolves, and the possessive, bossy, sexy Alpha wolf trying to order her around. Life-s never been so complicated.”

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