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The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

United States Army

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Army Soldiers whose last name begins with the letter C.

Robert E. Cahill
Austin Camacho
Stephanie Gloria Cardin
Alan C. Carey
Bruce E. Carlson
Craig L. Carlson
Richard James Carlson
Harland E. Carney
Robert F. Casemore
Celerino "Cele" Castillo
James L. Centner
Merrill O. Challman
Jerry Childers
Hilbert Chole
Dennis W. Chowen
Keith W. Christensen
Loren Christensen
David Ciarella
Allen B. Clark
Corbett W. Clark
Peter Clark
Wesley K. Clark
William Clark
Paul Clayton
John "Jack" Edward Cobb
William T. Coffey, Sr.
John Lewis Cook
Theodore L. Cogut
Morris "Mike" Cohen
Nathaniel "Ted" Colby
David P. Colley
John M. Collins
Lawrence D. Collins
David A. Combs
Lynn "Buck" Compton
Francis J. Connelly
Jason Conroy
Michael Patrick Cooney
Rod Cook
Jim D. Costello
Jeff Courter
David Couzins
Jimmie Dean Coy
Edgar Cox
Theodore J. Crackel
Dan Cragg
Charles L. Crain
Jerry Crews
Wayne "Randy" Cribbs
James H. Critchfield
Gaz Crittenden
Matthew Cubbler
Gordon Cucullu
Chet Cunningham
Peter W. Cuthbert
Sylvester Armand St. Cyr



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