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David Couzins

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David Couzins is the son of a career Air Force officer and is an honorably discharged veteran formerly assigned as an infantryman with the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division.  Mr. Couzins participated in combat training and security operations throughout the Hawaiian Islands, in the Philippines, and Australia.

David  Couzins spent the last dozen years working in large international law firms  helping lawyers use computer technology to manage the millions of corporate documents involved in today’s high stakes commercial litigation and government investigations.   After living twenty years in the Washington, D.C. area, Mr. Couzins now lives near Chicago with his wife and their three children. David Couzins is the author of Domers.

According to the book description of Domers, it is “an action/adventure novel with an anti-big government theme... 2080 A.D., the United States is a "virtual" country whose citizens have lived for sixty years under millions of family-sized domes, hermetically sealed with no windows and no access to the Outside where the rest of the world faces virus pandemics, riots inspired by worldwide economic chaos, and terrorists killing millions with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Tom Corant is a US Army sergeant who fights battles all over the world by remotely controlling armed infantry robots from the safety of his bedroom. Tom is happy with life in the dome he was born into twenty-four years ago. Tom met, courted, fell in love with, and proposed marriage to Jenny Salem all on-line via the SuperNet, the high-bandwidth communications web that connects the 75 million dome homes that make up the United States of America. While the betrothed couple is being transported to their own dome to start their life together, they are kidnapped by a Mexican army patrol roaming the dangerous Outside.

Tom and Jenny are rescued by Roving Wolf, a Comanche scout whose people (like all other Native American Indian nations) were exempted from mandatory doming and who now live free in their native lands among millions of buffalo in the reconstituted bison herds of the Great Plains. Roving Wolf is ordered to escort the couple across the desert southwest where a multi-tribe Native American army is collaborating with the dome society's military to repel an imminent invasion by the ambitious military dictator of Mexico. During their journey, Tom and Jenny are exposed for the first time to Nature and to Freedom. Tom comes to realize that the domes are prisons and he learns the truth behind the doming of America. Tom vows to free his family, fight against the system, to expose the government's lies, and to someday make the Domers understand that the safety offered by dome life is not worth the price."

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One reader of Domers said, “I absolutely enjoyed reading the book. Completely original and I could not put the book down. I classify this book as a "Must Read!" with an exclamation point. The setting is extremely interesting, the action moves along at a good pace, and the theme is straight from current American political discourse with liberal vs. conservative.  Very interesting concept. The author uses a past example of loss of freedom (The American Indians) to parallel and highlight today's perception of loss of freedom at the hands of a growing federal government.”

One reader of Domers said, “Wow--what a fun story! Definitely a book for everyone..... Only a few years in the future, American society is so full of fear it retreats into locked bunkers (domes) for protection. The only people left free on the outside are American Indians who get their land and buffalo back just like the old days. If you like adventure and military action, politics and romance you will love this book.

This unique story is obviously written for our times. The theme is pretty clear: "Liberty" is paramount and bad things happen when you let the government run your life for you.”

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