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Paul Clayton

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Paul Clayton was drafted in 1968 and sent to Vietnam in September of the same year. He served with an infantry line company in the 4th Infantry Division, in the Central Highlands of Pleiku Province. Nine months into his tour, he was wounded and medically evacuated to Japan and then the United States. After the army Paul Clayton went to Temple University in Philadelphia, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.  Paul Clayton is the author of: Calling Crow; Carl Melcher Goes To Vietnam; Calling Crow Nation; and Flight of the Crow.


According to the book description of Carl Melcher Goes To Vietnam, “The year is 1968. Like thousands of other American boys, Carl Melcher is drafted and sent to Vietnam. His new company is infected with the same racial tensions plaguing the nation. Despite that, Carl makes friends on both sides of the color line.  The war, like a tiger lurking in the bushes, picks off its victims one by one. Naively over-optimistic, Carl believes that karma and good intentions will save him and his friends. Then fate intervenes to teach Carl something of the meaning of life, and death.”

According to the book description of Calling Crow, “Along the Southeast coast in the mid-16th century, Calling Crow, a Muskogee Indian, is taken to the island of Hispaniola where he is forced to work in the silver pit mines. After repeated escape attempts, and on the verge of death, he is rescued by a kindly Spanish priest. With his new, limited freedom, Calling Crow learns the ways of the Spanish. He meets and falls in love with another captive, Juana of the Arawak people. Finally, as part of a massive Spanish campaign to conquer the mainland, Calling Crow finds his way back to his home village, bringing the novel to its startling conclusion.”


According to the book description of Calling Crow Nation, “Into the lush savannas of Terra Florida, come Spanish slavers and thundersticks. The balance of power between the Timucua and the Coosa is lost forever when the Timucua obtain Spanish thundersticks in exchange for slaves. They move north. Calling Crow, chief of the Coosa, realizes that his people's bows and arrows will provide no defense against the Timucua and their deadly, smoke and fire-spewing weapons. On a reconnaissance foray into Timucua territory, Calling Crow and his men rescue the hapless crew of an English ship who had been taken prisoner by the Timucua. In gratitude, the English offer to equip and help Calling Crow in his coming fight.”

Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam
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Calling Crow Nation
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Flight of the Crow
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Calling Crow
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