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Francis J. Connelly

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In 1955, after serving in Korea with the U.S. Army, Francis J. Connelly joined the New York Police Department.  He worked a variety of assignment on NYPD and retired in 1975 as a lieutenant.  Francis J. Connelly is the author of By Reason of Childhood; Beyond By Reason of Childhood; and, Jesus Says.


According to the book description of Jesus Says, “The urge to write came to a boil late in life when his daughter Catherine, and her husband Tom presented him with a computer on his 70th birthday.  Jesus Says is his third, and most ambitious effort, and according to Frank, "It was a labor of love, and an honor to write about the words of Jesus." Jesus loves you. So much so, that according to the divine plan, He became man, and when He was 30 yrs. of age He commenced an earthly ministry lasting three years during which Jesus suffered the scorn and rejection of those He had come to save. He preached a Gospel of repentance, forgiveness of sins, and salvation paid for by His suffering and death on the cross. His love for you knows no bounds. You are never alone. Jesus is with you. He is ready to listen to your prayers. Pray to him. Say His name; it is magic. The great irony of this world is that so many reject Jesus, opting instead for shallow and transient values offered by Satan in exchange for their immortal souls.”


According to the book description of Beyond By Reason of Childhood, “Come along for the ride as the less-than-intrepid, insecure author Francis “Frank” J. Connelly picks up where By Reason of Childhood left off—walking down life’s highway, represented by Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn, New York.


Beyond by Reason of Childhood begins with Connelly en route to the U.S. Army induction center on Whitehall Street. From there, it’s merely a series of hops, skips, and jumps to Fort Dix, New Jersey, for basic training; Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, for Morse Code Intercept Operator training; and on to the mountains, valleys, and rice paddies of South Korea. Fourteen months later, after an honorable discharge from the military, Frank meets Anne Marie Fleming. The couple marry, and, as time slips away, they find themselves being compared to a five-and-dime (for their five children and ten grandchildren).

Jesus Says
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...By Reason of Childhood
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Beyond By Reason of Childhood
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Along the way, Connelly works at various jobs: hauling cable for Western Electric, growing hair for Wybrandt Hair and Scalp Specialists, and spending twenty years on the New York Police Department. Near the end of his career in law enforcement, mental and physical difficulties and the debilitating effects of hypoglycemia take their toll on Connelly. Will his story have a happy ending?”


According to the book description of By Reason of Childhood, “Through experiences both poignant and comical, sifted mysteriously through the sleeve of his family history, Frankie emerges as an anxious yet mysteriously through the sieve of his family history, Frankie emerges as an anxious yet intrepid survivor.”

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