Richard James Carlson

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Richard Carlson is a veteran of the US Army and who joined the San Diego Police Department in 1969.  During his 35 year law enforcement career, Richard Carlson worked patrol, crime prevention and detectives.  He spent eight years a homicide detective and five years assigned to the Violent Crime Task Force.  Richard Carlson is the author of I'm in the Tub, Gone.


According to the book description of I'm in the Tub, Gone, “We now live in a time of comfort, convenience and opportunity such as mankind has never known. With all the great things we are provided, we also get many side effects that some thrive on and others do not welcome. Some of these are expectations, added or unwanted responsibility, inconvenience, or extreme supervision to name a few. We all deal with these pressures in a different manner. Then we add another factor, our personal lives. Most people have the ultimate goal to make their personal lives better. We want a happy, normal life at home, no matter what our status is in the community. Some choose suicide as an option to get relief. These are true stories of those final thoughts. Could they have been helped? We will never know. Can we help others in desperate need? Maybe, if we provide a little kindness and understanding. At least we can try.”


Richard Carlson said of his book, “I have had to work with many people who were going to choose suicide as a solution to their problems. In most cases it was avoided but I have been present when the act was completed and it is a moment you will never forget. I hoped that by writing my book "I'm In The Tub, Gone" it may help discourage someone who is thinking about suicide. I also feel this book is a must for those people who work with troubled people every day. It is hard to find someone who has not met or known someone who was touched by the act of suicide. We may not be able to help all of these people in distress but we can try. My book is not easy to read but you won't soon forget it.”


I'm in the Tub, Gone
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