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Nathaniel "Ted" Colby

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Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel “Ted” Colby, USA (ret.) is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (1959) and “has written for military publications during his 22 years as a career Army Officer and later published a monthly newsletter following his retirement. He has two graduate degrees.”  He is the author of The Kilyaikin File and To Catch a Fox.


According to the book description of The Kilyaikin File, “Jack Deiter has been drawn into a torture-murder case involving bioelectronic implants, global positions systems, Soviet deep agents and a plot to kill them. How and why the U. S. National Security Agency and the FBI join forces to locate the killer and save the Soviet agents is woven around two stories of romances that were lost and found again. The NSA file on Dr. Andrei Kilyaiken holds the key to finding both the killer and a fortune from the Cold War.


The MOAA said of To Catch a Fox, “This is a sequel to Colby’s first work of fiction, The Kilyaikin File. It is the story of a courageous man’s tragic loss to the forces of terrorism and its effect on him. It describes his determination to overcome the forces of evil that have cost him the life of his wife and threatens to change his own well-ordered sense of justice.”

The Kilyaikin File
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To Catch a Fox
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