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Austin S. Camacho

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Former Sergeant First Class Austin S. Camacho, USA “was born in New York City but grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York. He majored in psychology at Union College in Schenectady, New York. There he read a number of good books, learned to tell good beer from bad, and became a brother in the Alpha Delpha Phi fraternity. Actually, the frat was largely responsible for the books and the beer.


Dwindling finances and escalating costs brought his college days to an end after three years. Then came the factory work, the five years selling insurance, and finally, the Army. He enlisted as a weapons repairman but soon moved into a more appropriate field. The Army trained him to be a broadcast journalist. Disc jockey time alternated with news writing, video camera and editing work public affairs assignments and news anchor duties.

During his thirteen years as a soldier, Austin lived in Missouri, California, Maryland, Georgia and Belgium. He also spent a couple of exciting weeks in Israel during Desert Storm, covering the action with the Patriot missile crews and capturing scud showers on video tape. While enlisted he finished his Bachelor's Degree at night and started his Master's, and rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class. And in his spare moments, he began writing adventure and mystery novels set in some of the exotic places he'd visited.

After leaving the Army in 1996 he continued writing military news for the Defense Department as a civilian, frequently serving as on air anchor for the American Forces Information Service. Today he does public affairs work for the DoD agency charged with guarding the health of service members when they are deployed. He has settled in northern Virginia with his wife Denise.

When he's not writing Austin likes to run along the shores of the Potomac, watch action films, and shoot - at paper targets, not live ones. He is a voracious reader of just about any kind of nonfiction, plus mysteries, adventures and thrillers.”

Austin S. Camacho is the author of Russian Roulette, The Troubleshooter, Successfully Marketing Your Novel In The 21st Century, World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion, Blood and Bone, Damaged Goods, The Orion Assignment, The Payback Assignment, Collateral Damage.

According to the book description of World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion, “More than 60 years had passed before she found them. Dozens of letters written to her family during WWII-from total strangers-to tell her great-grandmother that her son had been captured and was being held as a POW. How did they know this? Through short-wave radio, POWs were allowed to state their names and hometowns and sometimes relay a short message to their families. Scores of Americans, listening to the German propaganda from so far away, heard her grandfather's information and took it upon themselves to write to her great-grandmother. All of these dear people wanted to give her great-grandmother a measure of comfort to know her son was alive. That was only the beginning of her journey. This book is a dedication to them-the radio heroes of WWII.”

One reader of World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion said, “I expect that many people have never heard the heartwarming story of the men and women across America who regularly monitored Nazi short-wave broadcasts to learn the fate of American GIs taken prisoner by the Germans. After sorting the information out from the crackle of atmospherics and man-made interference, these great folks would pass the information on to the loved ones back home. What a great story!  As a life-long amateur radio operator (Ham), veteran, and child of the '40s, I'm glad to learn this fascinating story about the folks who made sure that 'no POW family would go without notice'. Lisa Spahr has added a valuable dimension to the story of the many ways in which Americans contributed to the World War II effort.”

According to the book description of Russian Roulette, “Washington D.C.'s professional troubleshooter, Hannibal Jones, is enraged when he is forced to take a case at gunpoint. His client is a Russian assassin who will kill Hannibal's beloved, Cindy Santiago, if Hannibal refuses to help him. With no choice, Hannibal agrees to investigate the smooth, wealthy Algerian who has stolen the heart of the woman his new client loves. At first the case looks simple - what woman would not choose a rich African businessman over a professional killer? His view changes when evidence surfaces connecting the Algerian to Russian mob money and the apparent suicide of the girl's father several years earlier. Further investigation reveals that the Algerian may not be who he says he is. Then more deaths follow, closing in on the Algerian and the girl. At first working only to protect Cindy's life, Hannibal is soon chasing the truth for its own sake and must fight his way through past lies, present jealousies and the Red Mafiya to learn the real reason that death is stalking the couple. Hannibal peels the Algerian's history like an onion, each layer revealing a false identity. His search for the truth leads to a dramatic shootout on Roosevelt Island, side-by-side with his murderous client.”

One reader of The Troubleshooter said, “I just finished reading the Troubleshooter. It was a great story - since I went to business school in DC and worked there for 20 years, I knew the exact places in the book where the story takes place. It was very interesting to see how Jones was able to outsmart the drug dealers and how the entire community stands behind each other. I can't wait to read Austin Camacho's other books. It gives readers a look at real life outside of the Capitol of the U.S. Mr. Camacho's writing style was very easy to stay with and the entire story was so interesting you kept wanting to read but really didn't want it to end.”

According to the book description of Damaged Goods, “Anita Cooper was three times a victim. Her father’s death crushed her dreams of college and a better life. Then her purity was drowned in powerless anxiety and her gentle fantasies displaced by unspeakable humiliation, all because of a hard man who knew the way of the world. Rod Mantooth stole both her innocence and her father’s legacy, a secret that could have rebuilt her life. Anita was lost until she encountered another hard man who knew the way of the world - the urban paladin and professional troubleshooter named Hannibal Jones. Like a rolling mass of icy fury, Hannibal followed the trail of corrupted human debris that would lead to Rod Mantooth and a final showdown in the icy waters of the Atlantic. Damaged Goods is the fourth book in the acclaimed Hannibal Jones Detective Series written by Austin S. Camacho. Set in the Washington D.C. area, the series follows the adventures of an Africa American hero straddling the cultural bridges that stress our country while trying to help his clients with problems the police can’t or won’t solve.”

According to one reader of Damaged Goods, “I first met Mr. Camacho at a book fair and Woodbridge, VA. After reading his first two books I was hooked and you will be as well. Damaged Goods is one of the best if not the best book I have ever read. You feel as if you are right there in the book with everyone. I cried with the characters and laughed and even cheered when the good guys won. I have passed this book to a few special friends that have also read this book. This book helped myself and a few others see that we are not alone. This book will hit home but I promise you will never want to put it down. Austin has a wonderful way of making you feel at home in his books. He has been blessed with a real gift for writing. I am looking forward to future books by him.

According to the book description of Successfully Marketing Your Novel In The 21st Century, “Without an obvious target market or news hook, new fiction can get lost in the sea of novels published every year, no matter how well written it may be. This is a step-by-step guide that's jam-packed with proven tips and ground-breaking strategies to make your novel a salex success. Mystery and thriller writer Austin S. Camacho offers hundreds of winning tactics that he has personally used to get his six novels onto the shelves of major bookstores and into the hands of thousands of readers. This book will show you how to: - Overcome the stigma of being POD or self-published - Create a basic marketing plan - Make positive contact with booksellers - Make your book signing an event - Handle interviews for newspapers, radio or TV - Make the best use of web-based marketing tools Austin S. Camacho wants you to succeed as an author, and he shares everything he has learned in a decade of self-promotion in Successfully Marketing Fiction in the 21st Century.”


One reader of Russian Roulette said, “This is a fast paced, twisting mystery! If you like the Alex Cross series by James Patterson you will like this series as well! The writing is tight and crisp with a tone perfect for a private investigator mystery. In addition to the solid mystery, the author does a wonderful job with background descriptions including details of the smells and sights surrounding Hannibal. This was my first Hannibal Jones read but won't be my last. Although it is part of a series I found it was fine to jump into this book. It is a very good PI mystery thriller!”

According to the book description of The Troubleshooter, “A high powered Washington attorney learns there are some problems he can't solve in court. Dan Balor buys an apartment building in the heart of the city, hoping to create low income housing for good families. Instead he finds the building occupied by squatters: drug dealers, winos, hookers and professional criminals intent on staying in place. Police and private investigators are unable to empty the building for use by paying residents. No one seems willing or able to take on this challenge until Balor meets an intense young man dressed in black named Hannibal Jones. He calls himself a troubleshooter, but he finds more trouble in Southeast Washington than he expected. The people holding crack pipes are backed up by people holding guns, and Hannibal soon finds himself up against a local crime boss and his powerful mob connected father. The conflict spreads until Hannibal realizes that his stand against the mob could explode into a full-fledged riot unless he can somehow end it all, without surrendering the building and the neighborhood to the criminals. The Troubleshooter is the prequel to Blood and Bone, a previously published Hannibal Jones mystery.”

According to the book description of Blood and Bone, “His only hope... An eighteen-year-old boy lies dying of leukemia. As the members of Kyle's wealthy Virginia family are eliminated, they come to realize that one man could hold the key. The father who disappeared before he was born. But what chance does anyone have following a trail eighteen years cold? His last chance, Hannibal Jones, a troubleshooter and self-styled knight errant in dark glasses, takes the challenge. With only two weeks to find the missing man, Hannibal follows a twisting path of deception, conspiracy, and greed. A woman who could be Kyle's illegitimate sister, the woman who could be her mother, and a man who may be the only one to know the truth about Kyle's father. From Washington to Mexico, Hannibal Jones pursues the truth. But as the danger grows, the chance for survival becomes less likely for everyone involved.”

One reader of Blood and Bone said, “From the opening sentence to the very last, you won't want to stop reading this action-packed page-turner. Definitely not suitable for bedtime reading. If you read it when you're drowsy, you'll never keep up with the pace; if you read it to GET drowsy, you'll be up all night. Mr. Camacho is a gifted storyteller with the skill to pull you inside his characters, to make you see what they see and feel what they feel. It was more like watching a great action movie than reading a book. Very engrossing. Two thumbs up for Blood and Bone, and I can't wait for the next Hannibal adventure!”

According to the book description of Collateral Damage, “Bea Collins came home from work to find that her boy friend Dean had disappeared. When she asked Hannibal Jones for help, Hannibal feared that his quarry had decided to run off with another woman after taking most of Bea's money. Little did he suspect that he would find Dean soon after he was accused of a bloody murder. Then he learned of previous killings linked to Dean's life - one of which took the lives of his father. It soon became clear that Hannibal would have to solve a series of murders in order to clear Dean's name.”

One reader of Collateral Damage said, “I am always looking for new authors in the mystery category so I was very pleased to see Austin S Camacho in [local store] doing a book signing. I bought and read the book, Collateral Damage, and enjoyed it very much. I will be back for more books by this author. His characters were very real and were woven together in a chilling tapestry. Also had a surprising ending but of course I won't must read for yourself.”

According to the book description of The Payback Assignment, “Morgan Stark, a black mercenary soldier, is stranded in the Central American nation of Belize after a raid goes wrong. Felicity O'Brian, an Irish jewel thief, is stranded in the jungle south of Mexico after doing a job for an American client. When these two meet, they learn they've been double-crossed by the same person: Adrian Seagrave, a ruthless businessman maintaining his respectability by having others do his dirty work. Morgan and Felicity become friends and partners while following their common enemy's trail. They become even closer when they find they share a peculiar psychic link, allowing them to sense danger approaching themselves, or each other. But their extrasensory abilities and fighting skills are tested to their limits against Seagrave's soldiers-for-hire and Monk, his giant simian bodyguard. After a series of battles from the California coast to the New York Public Library, they must face a final confrontation with Seagrave's army of hired killers in a skyscraper engulfed by flames. The Payback Assignment is the first in a series of novels featuring Morgan Stark and Felicity O'Brian.”

One reader of The Payback Assignment said, “Austin did an awesome job using creative imagination with the Payback Assignment. Just when you think Austin's running out of energy to write another vivid scene, think again! Throughout the book there is a constant change of events with twists and turns never imagined. Austin includes a plethora of dramatic scenes, punch lines, and a means of escape for the characters - all for your enjoyment. Throughout the book there are some borderline magical events but in the real world we simply refer to them as "a coincidence." However, this book is a depiction of what it really means to stretch your imagination and at the same time remain believable. Austin's writing style includes the depth and clarity that simulates the appearance of actually sitting in front of a movie screen.”

According to the book description of The Orion Assignment, “Retired jewel thief Felicity O'Brian travels to her native Ireland to defend her uncle's Catholic parish. With her is her partner, Morgan Stark, a retired mercenary soldier. The job looks easy until they meet Ian O'Ryan, an IRA terrorist who believes he is the reincarnation of Orion the ancient hunter. He is determined to keep the violence alive in Ireland and to spread it throughout the island. To avoid bullets, bombs and beatings, Morgan and Felicity rely on a special gift, a psychic link that alerts them to danger. But against O’Ryan they face danger from an entire army of enemies. Trying to separate patriotic mercenaries from heartless terrorists leads them to a sniper mission on the rocky Irish coast, a deadly high speed motorcycle race in Belgium, and a final confrontation on an island off the coast of France where Morgan could die by slow torture if Felicity doesn't find him in time.”

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