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Stephanie Gloria Cardin

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Stephanie Gloria Cardin joined the US Army in 1986.  She became a military police officer and had assignments United States and Germany.  After an honorable discharge from the Army, she moved to California.  In 2000, SG Cardin was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department as a 911 dispatcher.  Stephanie Cardin is the author of The Wolf's Torment; Destination: Berlin; Are Your Dirty Little Secrets; All That Remains; and, Across The Fickle Winds of History.


According to the book description of The Wolf's Torment, “In the mid-1800s, Moldavia is a dark, mysterious country near the Baltic Sea, steeped in mythical legends of vampires, werewolves, and witches. At a young age, Crown Prince Mihai Sigmaringen realizes the legacy of his country when he witnesses his mother’s gruesome murder at the hands of a vengeful witch.


When he comes of age, Mihai goes to England for his education, intent on modernizing his country and ridding it of its dark reputation. His father recalls him to Moldavia to resume his royal duties and find a wife. Mihai reluctantly returns, but his life takes a stunning turn when a werewolf bites his best friend, Viktor.


Despite his distaste for the supernatural, Mihai allows Viktor to stay in Moldavia and watches as Viktor struggles to maintain his humanity. But faced with demons and other paranormal beings, Mihai’s loyalty to his friend may very well plunge his country into chaos.”


According to the book description of Destination: Berlin, “Stuck in a routine job in Cold War Germany guarding nuclear weapons, U.S. Army Corporal Sharon Cates thinks she is going to Berlin to attend an orientation tour. Unknown to her, the briefcase she carries contains top-secret information that the Stasi and KGB are willing to kill for.  Russian Junior Sergeant Dimitri Nagory is an assistant to a high-ranking Soviet officer in his country’s embassy in England. Dimitri isn’t expecting a great adventure as he boards the duty train for a routine trip to headquarters in Berlin, and he certainly isn’t expecting to meet any Americans.


The Stasi derails the train in the middle of East Germany, expecting to take the information from Sharon’s dead body. But when the sudden explosion hurls Sharon and Dimitri from the train and into each other, he too becomes a target. With Sharon nursing badly bruised ribs and branded by her country as a traitorous thief for stealing top-secret documents, Dimitri goes against everything he’s ever been taught to ensure her safe return to the West.”


According to the book description of Are Your Dirty Little Secrets, “Kristina Rivera Banning finally has everything she wants - a handsome husband, and a loving family. With Darrin's help, she firmly intends to keep a promise to find her daughter who she gave up for adoption. Darrin Banning has finally achieved what his heart's desired since he was boy - a family. He's got a smart, sexy wife, he's passionate, loyal, and totally supportive of Kristina's desire to find the daughter she gave up for adoption.


But when Kristina discovers who her daughter is, she believes the only way to be in her daughter's life is to lie to her. Kristina tells Melissa she's her aunt. As Kristina and Melissa grow closer, Kristina discovers she harbors a genetic blood disease that her daughter might have inherited. Kristina knows it's just a matter of time before the secret of Melissa's maternity is revealed and she fears she'll lose her daughter forever!”

The Wolf's Torment
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All That Remains
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Are Your Dirty Little Secrets...
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Across The Fickle Winds of History
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Destination: Berlin
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According to the book description of All That Remains, “Darrin is handsome, charming, and a widower. He's got a full plate putting his life back together, running a TV station, and caring for his infant daughter. Just when his life couldn't get more demanding, his vindictive father-in-law sues him for custody over his baby. Darrin needs to find an attorney he can trust.


Kristina is an exotic, feisty, beautiful attorney who meets Darrin through a mutual friend. When Darrin hires Kristina to represent him, the chemistry between the couple is undeniable. However, when the custody battle starts to get ugly, with the other side's detectives following their every move, Darrin and Kristina rush into marriage hoping it will give them a chance to explore their feelings for each other. Will their physical attraction turn into love or will the challenges the couple faces as they await the final custody battle tear them apart?”


According to the book description of Across The Fickle Winds of History, “An intimate look at one of Russia's last Imperial Grand Duchesses - Olga Nicolaievna Romanov. Excerpt: "As I sit here now, on the steps of the Ipatiev House, before the supper hour, I listened to the sounds of the artillery guns ratting in the distance. I wonder what fickle history will write about my father, Nicholas II. He took our country down a path no one expected it to go - least of all himself.”

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