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Michael Patrick Cooney

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Sergeant Michael Patrick Cooney, USA, “is a thirty-three year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, graduating Cum Laude, and a Master of Education both from Temple University in Philadelphia. Except for his military service as a United States Army sergeant E-5 with an airborne battalion during the Viet Nam Era, he has lived and worked in the City of Philadelphia his entire life.

Michael began his law enforcement career as an undercover officer in the Intelligence Unit, specializing in “subversive group” activity working with State and Federal Agencies needing his expertise. His first uniformed assignment was to the largest Patrol District and most diverse area of the City. After ten years of working the streets, he was transferred to the Police Academy was promoted to Corporal and served in an administrative and teaching capacity. When promoted to sergeant he was first assigned to the Patrol Bureau as a squad supervisor, then to the Audio Visual Unit as a Platoon Supervisor, and later to the Prisoner Detention Unit as a Platoon Leader.

As a Lieutenant he was assigned to a patrol district in West Philadelphia as a Platoon Commander. A section of the City made infamous by two violent confrontations with the so called, “Back to Nature” group, MOVE. Also as a lieutenant he was a Platoon Commander and administrative assistant to the Captain in Central Detective Division covering all of Center City Philadelphia.

As Captain Michael was asked to oversee two squads of Internal Affairs Investigators, one dealt with all levels of complaints against police and another plain clothes surveillance squad dealt with all alleged City employee misconduct. Also as Captain he served as the Commanding Officer of a Patrol District in South Philadelphia, managing a large portion of the City’s entertainment district, including the Avenue of the Arts and the celebrated South Street corridor.

After retiring from the Philadelphia Police Department in 2002, Michael took a position as Manager of Public Services Training and Director of the Municipal Police Academy in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. In that position, he was appointed as President of the Directors Association on the State Law Enforcement Education and Training Commission. He also worked as a Criminal Justice Instructor and Evening Campus Manager for CHI Institute in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Michael has also volunteered as a Constitutional Law Instructor at the Philadelphia Police Academy.

Trojan Horse 4
Michael P. Cooney  More Info

Children of the Clan
Michael P. Cooney  More Info

Dublin Odyssey
Michael P. Cooney  More Info

Michael has authored articles, and initiated numerous training materials for recruit and veteran officers, in the Philadelphia Police Department and around the State.  Trojan Horse 4 was Michael’s first completed work of fiction. It was followed quickly by Children of the Clan and Dublin Odyssey. His next novel, Imperfect Contrition is due out in early 2012.

According to the book description of Trojan Horse 4, “It took twenty years, but Chief Inspector Odysseus is now positioned to settle his score with the Philly PD. On Constitution Day 1991, the anarchy begins. Only one thing stands in his way, Sergeant Mickey Devlin.”

According to the book description Children of the Clan, “In 1993, the Philly PD all but lost the war on drugs to violent street gangs. The DA’s DIVA Task Force, lead by Lieutenant Mickey Devlin detailed from Homicide, was the only barrier between order and chaos.”

According to the book description Dublin Odyssey, “In 1996, Police Captain Mickey Devlin gets to follow his hunch on the whereabouts of “The Greek,” convicted cop-killer, terrorist and ex-Chief Inspector, to Dublin, Ireland. While the Greek plans something historic, he doesn’t factor in Mickey, his Academy classmate.”

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