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Wayne "Randy" Cribbs

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Lieutenant Colonel Wayne “Randy” Cribbs USA (ret.) “is the author of several published poems and articles in various publications and holds degrees from the University of Florida, Pacific Lutheran University, Jacksonville State University, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.  Randy Cribbs is the author of: Were You There? Vietnam Notes; One Summer in the Old Town; The Vessel Tinaja; Tales from the Oldest City: ST. Augustine; Ancient City Treasures; and, Ghosts Another Summer in the Old Town. He is also the co-author of Illumination Rounds.


According to the book description of The Vessel Tinaja, “When the body of archeologist William Stewart is found floating in the Mantanzas Bay, Robert Robson finds himself caught up in a web of hideous secrets, deceit, and murder woven by the lure of the tinaja and its' terrifying power. At first, his empirical mind refuses to believe the old Indian story, but as he is drawn deeper into Stewart's past, each ghastly revelation points to an unimaginable power and moves him dangerously close to the line that separates right from wrong, fact from myth... and now, that power may be within his grasp.”


According to the book description of Were You There? Vietnam Notes, “Randy Cribbs, 11th Cav VN 1966-67, dedicated this collection of poems and illustrations to his brothers in arms and their loved ones. The first of his many works in publication, it provides insight into the everyday experiences from the trip over through the tour and then home again. Veterans will find in these words old friends ...others will come away with a deeper understanding.”


According to the book description of Tales from the Oldest City: ST. Augustine, “The author's affecti0n for the Ancient City and Old Florida is depicted in this colorful short story collection. His ability to weave fact and fiction, sprinkled with fesh humor enables the reader to visit and revisit the unique places and colorful characters of St. Augustine, and surrounding area.”


According to the book description of One Summer in the Old Town, “The author's ardent attachment to St Augustine and the beautiful St. Johns River set the stage for this imaginative novel. All readers, particularly those young at heart, will enjoy the adventures of the colorful characters in this uplifting story. Join the adventure. Discover the history, landmarks, and intrigue of the Old Town.”


According to the book description of Ancient City Treasures, “FPA 2007 Book of the Year and Best Cover Design Winner. Across the pages of this award winning gift book stride the places, characters, and events of Old St. Augustine. Vividly share your Old Town visit with friends and family through historical turn of the century drawings and poetic narrative of Randy Cribbs. Readers are transported through time to sensually experience the history, charm and mystique of the nation's oldest city.”


According to the book description of Ghosts Another Summer in the Old Town, “In his new novel, multiple award winning author Randy Cribbs, interweaves the fabric of Old St Augustine and its ghost-filled landscape with the sleepy modern town of today, building a mystery that forces three courageous young people on a mission to confront powerful spiritual forces they don't understand. In a race against time, they discover the secret that can release spirits trapped 'in between'. Ghost is a most intriguing brew of apparitions, poltergeists and young romance.”

The Vessel tinaja
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One Summer in the Old Town
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Tales from the Oldest City: ST. Augustine
Randy Cribbs  More Info

Ghosts Another Summer in the Old Town
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Were You There? Vietnam Notes
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Illumination Rounds
Peter Guinta; Randy Cribbs  More Info

Ancient City Treasures
Randy Cribbs  More Info
Peter and Randy Cribbs Guinta  More Info

According to the book description of Illumination Rounds, “This book presents a graphic portrayal of American soldiers and marines in Vietnam. Collectively, the stories present a captivating before, during and after picture of the men who fought. The authors' styles and recollections complement each other to capture the tragedy, humor and perspective of the young men in that controversial conflict.”

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