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Robert F. Casemore

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Casemore, USA (ret.) “graduated from Wayne State University, with a Bachelors degree in Sociology.  Robert F. Casemore “was a writer by profession. His career included working for an advertising agency where he wrote ad copy, and technical sales training manuals for the auto industry. He was also an accomplished author. He published numerous fiction novels and several plays. He loved the theater, and was always involved in some aspect of the nearest local community theater group. He was a member of the Western Writers of America and the Idaho Writers' League.  Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Casemore, the author of Gold Is Where You Find It; Ghost Squad: Operation Stingray; South of Gila; and, Splendid Morning, died in 2005.


Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Casemore said of his novel Splendid Morning, it “is a saga of heroism, love, espionage, danger, joy, cruelty and, above all, man’s eternal struggle to be free. Being of an adventurous nature as well as a history buff, I endeavored to create a riveting tale of bravado and romance that takes place prior to and during the Spanish-American War. The inspiration came to me while perusing a periodical that contained a drawing of the sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana harbor. Following research about the war, I then decided how best to let the characters play out their roles against the turbulent times in the United States and Cuba at the close of the 19th century. (The aspect of the war with Spain in the Philippines is touched upon briefly.) I wrote the novel during lengthy military service while stationed overseas in a troubled area of the world.


The MOAA said of Ghost Squad: Operation Stingray, is about “a top-secret infantry unit that operates behind enemy lines during WWII. The locale is the Southwest Pacific during 1943-1945. Their mission, code named "Stingray," is to carry out a deception plan designed to thwart a renegade who is sending short-wave messages about U.S. troop movements to the Japanese. The book contains breath-taking action as the Ghost Squad carries out its mission in the jungles of northern New Guinea.”

Ghost Squad: Opperation Tatoo
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Gold Is Where You Find It
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Splendid Morning (G K Hall Large Print Book Series)
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South of the Gila (Linford Western)
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According to the book description of Gold Is Where You Find It, “In 1839 Texas cowboy Jed Kendall arrives in Independence, Missouri too late for his mother’s funeral. His boots and saddle maker father is set to join a wagon train of tradesmen headed for Santa Fe. Jed joins them. Earlier, he rescued young rancher Ann Stanton from brutal treatment by her stepbrother. Ann begs to go with the wagon train because she thinks she knows where gold, not mined or panned but buried coin, is hidden. The Kendalls agree to take her. The journey begins, trailed by Ann’s crazed stepbrother and stalking Indians. Also, the book is about reticent mule skinner Liam O’Brien, Jed’s love for Ann, a peculiar map for locating treasure, and destruction and death. Thrill to this dangerous trek and its astonishing conclusion.”

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