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David Ciarella

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David Ciarella, USA “is a Houston native. He has his bachelor’s from the University of Texas at Austin and served four years as an officer in the U.S. Army. He has experience in leading and building sales teams in the chemical and power industries and has won numerous awards for his work. Ciarella also has a U.S. patent and has written several articles for various publications.” David Ciarella is the author of The Civilian Guide to Leading Your Troops.

According to the book description of The Civilian Guide to Leading Your Troops,  it “shows how to be successful in a leadership position through military techniques. He uses his own experiences in military and civilian life of dealing with fit and unfit leaders to drive his point home to readers who are looking to gain knowledge and tips on how to be effective leaders.“I have worked for and with both good and poor leaders in both my military and civilian careers,” Ciarella says. “I have used examples from them to write a book to help train young leaders.”

“The Civilian Guide to Leading Your Troops” uses relevant examples and military leadership principles to show how to effectively deal with subordinates and how to improve leadership skills. He wants his readers to fully understand what to do and what not to do when leading others, and believes the tips he provides will help them to achieve the goal of being a memorable, positive and effective leader.


“The Civilian Guide to Leading Your Troops” focuses on the need for versatile and well-rounded leaders, focusing on the human side of leadership. Filled with numerous real-life examples and guidelines, Ciarella hopes his book will help readers understand how to deal with tricky situations in managing people in an educated, helpful and professional manner.”

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