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Jimmie Dean Coy

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Colonel Jimmie Dean Coy, USA (ret.), MD is a medical consultant for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He served two years as the national president of the Special Operations Medical Association and as the national surgeon of the Reserve Officers Association. He lectures both nationally and internationally on combat trauma medicine and his ground-breaking research on lightweight x-ray equipment.


Dr. Coy has served with numerous Special Forces and Special Operations units. He served with the 3rd Group Army Special Forces (AIRBORNE) in the 1991 Gulf War. He has received a myriad of military honors, awards, and badges including the Legion of Merit, the Combat Medical Badge, and the prestigious “A” designation—the highest recognition of the Army Medical Department.  Colonel Jimmie Dean Coy, USA (ret.), is the author of A Gathering of Eagles; Valor: A Gathering of Eagles; Prisoners of Hope: A Gathering of Eagles; and, Matthew A to Z + 2.


According to the book description of A Gathering of Eagles, it “emonstrates that positive male leadership is not dead. Indeed, what makes America great are people such as these who serve with courage, integrity, faith, and selfless dedication. Their advice and life experiences will inspire and encourage you to reach beyond mere success so that you too can make a difference in this world.”


According to the book description of Prisoners of Hope: A Gathering of Eagles, it “is advice for life from 119 ex-Prisoners of War from WWII to the Gulf War.  They share their harrowing experiences, core beliefs and inspirational stories.  The eleven men on the cover of the book, are interviewed in the Family Net video also entitled Prisoners of Hope.”


According to the book description of Matthew A to Z + 2, “have you ever struggled to remember the important truths and events in the New Testament? If so, Matthew A to Z + 2 is a great way to learn the Scriptures through the memory technique of alliteration. In this book, Dr. Coy pairs each letter of the alphabet (plus two extras) with each chapter of Matthew to emphasize key ideas in each of the 28 chapters. you will learn that "A" is for the ANCESTRY of Jesus, "B" is for His BIRTH, "C" reminds us to CHANGE our hearts, and so on. You'll be amazed at how easy you'll master Matthew's marvelous moments. The book is a great gift for all who want to better understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Matthew A to Z + 2 can be used as a great learning and teaching tool for the Bible student and teacher.”

Valor: A Gathering of Eagles
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A Gathering of Eagles
Col. Jimmie Dean Coy  More Info

Matthew A to Z + 2
Jimmie Coy  More Info

Prisoners of Hope (A Gathering of Eagles)
Jimme D. Coy  More Info

According to the book description of Valor: A Gathering of Eagles, it “presents the heroic exploits of 117 recipients of the Medal of Honor. It also reveals their thoughts on leadership, courage, and success. It includes each man's official citation and photograph along with their hard-won wisdom.”

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