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Dennis W. Chowen

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Lieutenant Colonel Dennis W. Chowen, USA (ret.) a naturalized American Citizen was born in Canada.  During his military career, he “served on three continents and traveled to more than 40 countries.  Lieutenant Colonel Dennis W. Chowen is the author of Boss Mouse.


According to the book description of Boss Mouse, “Boss Mouse is the self-appointed leader of a colony of mice. In conducting meetings, Boss Mouse uses a secret formula for his six whiskers and a thorough, meticulous brushing to precisely position every hair on his thick fur coat. This story is about a mouse who leads the entire colony of mice from its familiar burrow to a new land of safety. In order for them to find their way, it was necessary to find a map that was on the stomach of a turtle. The problems become how to know which turtle it is and how to read the map to find the directions! They encounter several animals and birds who help them.


Their leader, Boss Mouse, provides the guidance and the wisdom for the colony to avoid trouble and danger, even though he, with the help of Mrs. Mouse, has to keep track of their mischievous son, Miffit, who is always more interested in playing games, having fun and eating than he is in helping the colony. Miffit just seems to be in and out of trouble most of the time. He is whisked up by a whirlwind while he is eating seeds inside of a can and lands in a strange place where he is under the bad influence of some strange talking mice and has to deal with rejection and fear. Miffit meets a young, nice friend, Andshe, and they begin their journey back to the colony and its safety. They proceed to find a way to send messages via reflections on a mica rock, sent there using her nails to make a special code that only Boss Mouse is able to decipher. Boss Mouse arranges for the homecoming and a happy ending for Miffit and Andshe as they start their life new together.”

Boss Mouse
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