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Jim D. Costello

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Jim D. Costello, USA, "served valiantly in the United States Special Forces in the Vietnam, where he received twenty-five commendations and multiple medals (including the Bronze Star). Upon his arrival back in the United States in 1975, Costello managed an advertising corporation while simultaneously starting a Christian seminary from the ground up."  Jim Costello is the author of Perilous Times: Blow the Trumpet in Zion.

According to the book description of Perilous Times: Blow the Trumpet in Zion, "This book, heartfelt and God-given, focuses on the dangerous times we live in. God spoke to author Jim D. Costello and asked him to warn the people of the dark hours that we live on planet earth. Our churches are in a spiritual coma. Gods very elect are being deceived by Satan. Our churches have become businesses; the love of money has waxed cold because pastors arent paying the price of praying. Our churches arent houses of prayer, but places of buying and selling. This book was inspired by God and written through very careful praying and fasting. This book was written to warn the elect that we are living in dark times. The rapture is now upon us, so look upour Redeemer draweth nigh."

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