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An Alphabetically listing of United States Air Force personnel whose last name begins with the letter C.

J. P. Sean Callan
Chester D. Campbell
Douglas N. Campbell
John T. Carey
Christopher J. Carlin
John T. Carney, Jr.
P.C. Cast
Robert Cavenaugh
Robert G. Certain
Henry Cervantes
Eric Charles
Larry J. Chesley
Albert P. Clark
Gary B. Clark
Mike Cline
Jim Clonts

Richard M. Coffman
Edward Vaughan Coggins
W. L. George Collins
R. L. Cook
Charlie Cooper
Marc Cosentino
William L. Cramer
George A. Crawford
Wayne Creech
Wilbur L. Creech
William T. Creech
Theodore R. Cromack
Everest C. Croslin


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