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Henry Cervantes

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Lieutenant Colonel Henry Cervantes, USAF (ret.) is the author of Piloto: Migrant Worker to Jet Pilot. According to the book description, “Piloto is the story of Hank Cervantes, son of migrant field workers, who rose above the poverty and hardship of central California’s sweltering vineyards to become one of only a handful of Mexican-American pilots in the annals of the U.S. Air Force. His trials and triumphs as an anomaly in the tight fraternity of Caucasian pilots follow the Air Force’s transformation from the B-17 battle wagons of World War II to the Strategic Air Command’s supersonic B-58 Hustler. Provocative, witty, and intensely personal, this book offers a fascinating portrait of a pioneer who helped pave the way for today’s Latino men and women pilots – and for all those who will fly into the future.”

Piloto: Migrant Worker to Jet Pilot
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