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Mike Cline

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Lieutenant Colonel Mike Cline, USAF (ret.) “is the VP of Operations for Venturist, Inc. Mike spent 28 years in the United States Air Force retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1996. For most of his career, Mike Cline worked as a Special Agent in Special Investigations and Counterintelligence with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Highlights of his career include tours of duty in Vietnam, England, Republic of the Philippines, Germany and Turkey. After the 1st Gulf War Mike Cline joined the faculty of the US Air Force Command and Staff College where he met John A. Warden and helped John Warden apply some of his ideas of strategy to the curriculum and re-organization of the college.”


In 1996 when Mike Cline “retired from the Air Force, he joined John Warden at Venturist, Inc. to pursue a job as a fulltime consultant teaching strategic planning methodology and facilitating strategy development with clients. Mike has been instrumental in helping John refine his strategic thinking and planning methodology--The Prometheus Process. Mike Cline also develops internal software tools to support strategic planning engagements with clients.”


Lieutenant Mike Cline is a co-author of The Guide to Strategic Planning and Execution Using The Prometheus Process.  According to the book description, “This guide outlines the essential steps necessary to develop and execute a Prometheus Process Grand Strategy. This is a practical guide that focuses both on the Process and on the organization using the process.  Although the guide is generally written at the organizational level of Grand Strategy most of the steps have equal applicability at sub-organizational levels.


This guide is intended to complement the following additional Prometheus Process literature: Winning In FastTime, John A Warden III and Leland Russell, 2002: This book provides a macro look at the Prometheus Process in a business environment; The CEO and Leader's Handbook: Introducing the Prometheus Process Strategic Planning Methodology; The CEO and Leader's Handbook provides a road map for organization leaders as they consider embarking on the Prometheus Process, positioning it within their organizations, and developing and executing Prometheus Process Grand Strategies; and, Strategic Planning and Execution: A Concept Summary of Strategy and The Prometheus Process (2008): The Concept Summary provides a "big picture" theoretical overview of strategy and each of the key concepts that comprise the Prometheus Process.”

The Guide To Strategic Planning and Execution Using The Prometheus Process
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