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Charlie Cooper

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Major General Charlie Cooper, USAF (ret.) “entered the Air Force in 1955 and retired as a Major General in 1991 with well over 4,000 hours logged as an Air Force Master Navigator.  After a five-year tour of active duty, he joined the New York Telephone Company in 1960, then AT&T, and finally Bell Communications Research.  He joined the New York Air National Guard in 1962, rose rapidly through operations and command posistions, and served for seven years as Commander of the New York Air National Guard.”


Major General Charlie Cooper is the co-author of War in Pacific Skies; How to Draw Aircraft Like a Pro; How to Draw and Paint Aircraft Like a Pro; and, Tuskegee's Heroes.


According to the book description of War in Pacific Skies, “In a fusion of art and history, portrayed in accurate detail, complete with combatant's personal insights, War in Pacific Skies covers the most famous air engagements in WWII's Pacific Theater of Operation. Full color maps, previously unpublished photographs, original artwork and personal accounts visually and mentally enliven the air battles at Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway, Guam, Tinian, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and more. Climb in to the cockpit of America's famous Pacific war birds: the P-38 which carried Richard Bong to his 40 kills, the obsolete Curtiss Hawk piloted by Harry Brown who accounted for the only American airborne response at Pearl Harbor and join Colonel Tibitts in the "Enola Gay" as the B-29 Superfortress makes its final approach on Hiroshima.”


According to the book description of How to Draw and Paint Aircraft Like a Pro, “Let one of the world's greatest aircraft artists shows you how to turn your airplane doodles into aviation masterpieces.   Whether you’re interested in rendering recent innovations, depicting historic aircraft, or dreaming up an airplane of your own, Andy Whyte has the key to the proper approach, techniques, and tools.  His book offers instruction on perspective, light, and shadow; sketching, drawing, and painting planes, horizons, skies, and backgrounds; detail work on aircraft wings, cockpits, and landing gear; and creating cutaways and scale drawings. For the more technologically inclined artist, Whyte also includes a chapter on computer illustration of aircraft.”

How to Draw Aircraft Like a Pro
Charlie Cooper  More Info

How to Draw and Paint Aircraft Like a Pro (Motorbooks Studio)
Andrew Whyte  More Info

Tuskegee's Heroes (Motorbooks Classic)
Charlie & Ann Cooper  More Info

War in Pacific Skies
Charlie Cooper  More Info

Major General Charlie Cooper is an authority on Tuskegee airmen books.

According to the book description of Tuskegee's Heroes, “This is the incredible story of the men of the 99th, 100th, 301st and 302nd Fighter Squadrons and the 332nd Fighter Group. These fighter-escort pilots who fought in North Africa and Europe against the Nazis never lost a bomber on any mission. This book tells the stories of these brave black men through personal interviews, a large collection of archival photographs, and color paintings by Tuskegee Airman Roy LaGrone.”


According to the book description of How to Draw Aircraft Like a Pro, “This lively and informative guide will help everyone from casual doodlers to artists with professional aspirations draw World War I biplanes, World War II fighters and bombers and modern jet aircraft.”

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