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William T. Creech

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Colonel William T. “Bill” Creech, USAF (ret.) served during World War II “in the brutal jungles of Burma, Colonel Creech flew 60 missions against Japanese military targets as a Dragonfly of the 528th Fighter Squadron.  Shot down twice, he was forced to survive in the hostile jungle as well as the pre-Communist era Chinese feudal territories.


After World War Two, Colonel William Creech continued serving in the brand new jet air force of the Korean War era and continued his combat flying as a Squadron Commander of F-100 Super Sabre fighter bombers over Vietnam where he turned a “black sheep” unit into a group where pride and performance ranked so high, the combat aircraft were actually waxed like classic automobiles.” Colonel William Creech is the author of The 3rd Greatest Fighter Pilot.


According to the book description of The 3rd Greatest Fighter Pilot, “This Book is a story of the life and times of a professional Fighter pilot. Where did he come from? What are the early life experiences that effected his abilities and capabilities to be a Great Fighter Pilot? What characteristics of a person and his experiences are important in becoming a leader of men and of becoming a superb fighter pilot? Why does this fighter pilot relegate himself to being the Third Best Fighter Pilot, rather than the first best? What is it like to be shot down in the jungles of North Burma, alone and with no help toward survival other than his own will? And later in that combat tour, how does one manage survival in the unending expanse of the Gobi Desert? What are the pressures that are forced upon the leader of a combat fighter squadron? How does he maintain a high morale in a unit when there are few positive factors available to assist? How are political pressures dealt with on a day to day basis? This book is a MUST READ for any young commander of fighter pilots. It's also a great read for those who are just interested in the subject of flying. The author's answers to all these questions are studies in perseverance, loyalty, dedication, and intense desire to do what many others would find impossible.”

The 3rd Greatest Fighter Pilot
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