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Robert Cavanaugh

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cavanaugh, USAF (ret.) is the author of Kanto Plain: Aftermath of the War with Japan.  The MOAA said of the book, “This is a stunning novel of tragedy and triumph in American-occupied Japan during the Korean War. Cavanaugh transcends gender and ethnicity in his biography of the fictional Keiko, the mixed-race child of a war-time liaison between a Japanese farm girl and an American POW.”


One reader of Kanto Plain: Aftermath of the War with Japan said, “This book gives a first look into the lives of the U.S. prisoners of war, in Japan during the Korean War, used to work the Japanese farm fields and the hardships encountered by the half American/Japanese children left behind. History focuses on the battles and devastation but the "human day-to-day" stories are rarely heard and frequently VFW's don't speak of it. This book gives a realistic look inside day-to-day life for one prisoner of war and his half American/Japanese daughter thru the eyes of the author (John Cavanaugh stationed in Japan during the Korean War; now a retired LtCol.)”

Kanto Plain: Aftermath Of The War With Japan
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