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William L. Cramer

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Colonel William L. Cramer, USAF (ret.) spent 21 years in the United States Air Force. During his career, William Cramer was an Air Force radar/navigator/bombardier with non-flying assignments in the intelligence and investigative fields. He also spent 25 years as Wing Commander and Inspector General with the Civil Air Patrol. He retired as a Colonel.  After the Korean War and up to his retirement he was a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations. He was concurrently on loan to another federal intelligence agency for five years.


While owning his own business, specializing in confidential intelligence data and management consulting, he was also an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and the University of Texas in Arlington.  After attending eight different colleges and universities in the United States, Europe and the Near East, he was awarded a Ph.D. in Business Management. He is also past president (LocSec) of American MENSA in Fort Worth, Texas.  William L. Cramer is the author of Faces in the Mirror and Hazardous Environments.


According to the book description of Faces in the Mirror, “Maj. Barry Flamm, a special agent with the Office of Special Investigations, receives a concurrent assignment to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His undercover work begins in Paris, and further assignments take him into the Near East, North Africa, and Russia. After his Air Force retirement, he is offered a full-time position with the CIA and immediately and happily accepts. Filled with danger and excitement.”

Faces in the Mirror
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Hazardous Environments
William L. Cramer  More Info

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