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An Alphabetically listing of United States Marines whose last name begins with the letter S.

Roberto Santos
John Scanlan
John C. Scharfen
Dale F. Shaffer
Dan Sheehan
Paul Sheldon
Robert Serocki, Jr.
Gregory V. Short
Edwin Howard Simmons
Michael P. Slater
Albert C. Smith
Brian M. Smith
Lawrence F. Snowden
Edward J. Spasek
R.M.A. Spears
Tom Spence
Larkin Spivey
Rick Spooner
Dale W. Sprinkle
John J. Sullivan
Laura Stanislaw
Glenn Starkey
Charlie Staump
William Steelman
Robert E. Stoffey
Mike Stokey
Frank C. Stolz
Alfred R. Stone
Jay A. Stout
Sanford Strong
Jim Stroup
William Swanson



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