Brian M. Smith

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Brian Smith joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from high school.  In 1984, he joined the California Highway Patrol, rising to the rank of captain. Brian Smith is the author of We Were 17 Again.


According to the book description, “There are numerous books, songs, shows and movies that deal with going back to the past, whether it’s a time machine, dream, boy or girlfriend story, or class reunion.  Many of them are enjoyable because the reader gets to visit the past.  Life always seemed easier in our childhood days and many long to return to those days.  In "We Were 17 Again", not only do you get the chance to return to 17 years old again, you get to return to high school with your entire school.  All students who were in grades 9 through 12 will return to Chelsingham High School to complete a summer course together.  They get to meet old friends, dates, and learn about everyone’s new lives.  There are some interesting twists and life learning stories.  In the end, they get a chance to correct or strengthen their lives.  Pack your books, feather back your hair, put on your classic rock and return to 1979-80 with us.”

We Were 17 Again
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