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Paul Sheldon

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Paul Sheldon, Tucson Police Department is a former Marine and police K9 handler.  He is the author of For the Love of a K-9.

According to the book description of For the Love of a K-9, “Kegan was a police K-9 who delivered life lessons better than he delivered at work. This book was written not just to remember a terrific partner but to share his story with everyone. Love is a word that is used too many times without understanding just how deep and meaningful it really can be. He was a dog, but he was so much more than that. He lived to be happy and that happiness was infectious. He took a hard-nosed former U.S. Marine and current police officer and turned him into a sentimental, loving and happy man. Life lessons come from some of the strangest places and no one ever saw this lesson coming. A story of excitement, love and remembrance of an amazing friend, partner and dog.”

For the Love of a K-9
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