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Mike Stokey

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As a "Marine Noncommissioned Officer, Mike Stokey volunteered for three tours in Vietnam during which he was involved in some of that conflicts most brutal fighting, including the TET Offensive at Hue and the siege at Khe Sanh. He is highly decorated as a result of line combat and was wounded in action. He acquired extensive experience in infantry, communications and supporting arms branches of the United States Marine Corps including operations with South Vietnamese and Korean forces.

During these tours of duty he forged a close and lasting relationship with Dale Dye (Capt., USMC, Ret.) and volunteered to help Dye in the formation and functioning of Warriors, Inc. His invaluable efforts in this formative period led Dye to commission Mike Stokey as Warriors first Mustang officer and second in command. Warriors, Inc. 1st Lieutenant Mike Stokey is a dynamic trainer with outstanding success in demonstrating the technologies and psychologies of professional soldiers for performers.

Over the years with Warriors he has served in virtually every advisory capacity and has been the principal advisor and/or assistant for Warriors in all military endeavors from major motion pictures to videogames. He has broad experience including research, planning, staging and on-set advisory for Directors and other key production personnel." Mike Stokey is the author of River of Perfumes: A Novel of Marine Combat Correspondents in Hue City during Vietnam's Tet Offensive.

According to the book description of River of Perfumes: A Novel of Marine Combat Correspondents in Hue City during Vietnam's Tet Offensive, "Post World War II America and teenage boys dreamed of adventure growing up in the 1950s, listened to Elvis Presley and read Jack Kerouac, yet it wasn't cruising Route 66 in a Corvette that united them, but Highway 1, known as the Street Without Joy, on the way to Hue city during the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Civil Rights and the pill, young girls in long boots and short skirts, but not for those in the jungle and rice paddies of Southeast Asia. Full of innocence and dreams, adolescent passion and coming of age horror, RIVER OF PERFUMES captures the contradictions of the times and what the brutality of war does to young men in battle, and a country that stayed home and abandoned them. "Mike Stokey has written a story which slowly sucks you in until you're trapped. Then, as you get deeper and deeper, you don't want it to end. begin dreading what might happen to characters you've come to know, with whom you now identify. The battle for Hue, Tet 1968 is well-known, but the story for Arthur Latimere, a newbie Marine combat correspondent, hasn't been told before. Hang on to your guts when you take this journey." John M. Del Vecchio New York Times bestselling author of The 13th Valley."


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