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World War One

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U.S. Military personnel who have written about World War I.

Joseph H. Alexander, USMC

Robert B. Asprey, USMC

Paul F. Braim, USA

Richard D. Camp, USMC

John S. D. Eisenhower, USA

Howard A. Harper, USA

Jesse Kimbrough, USA

Alex R. Larzelere, USCG

Allan R. Millett, USMC

Edward Rasmussen, USA

Frank E. Roberts, USA

Edwin Howard Simmons, USMC

Phillip Stewart, USAF

At Belleau Wood
Robert B. Asprey  More Info

Selected books by servicemembers who have written about the First World War.

Through the Wheat: A Novel of the World War I Marines
Thomas Boyd  More Info

The American Foreign Legion: Black Soldiers of the 93rd in World War I
Frank E. Roberts  More Info

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