Victor H. Sims

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According to the Southern Oregon University Retirees Association Newsletter (Spring 2007 edition) Dr. Victor H. Sims “died on April 27, 2007. Victor Sims joined the University’s Department of Criminology in 1994 and retired in 2006. He had extensive experience in service and leadership positions, serving as a Company Commander in the U. S. Army Military Police Corps, a police officer in Berkeley, Phoenix, and Anchorage. In Nome, Alaska he served as chief of police. 

He received his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1982 and taught

at Stephen F. Austin State University, at the University of Southern Mississippi, and Lamar State University before coming to SOU as Associate Professor of Criminology. Vic’s scholarship included research on rural and small town policing. He helped the department connect with regional law enforcement agencies and brought a chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma (the Criminal Justice Honor Society) to SOU. He received an Elmo award for his leadership in motivating students to come to the University.  During his life he was also a commercial pilot, a marathon runner and triathlete.”  Victor Sims was also the author of Small Town and Rural Police.

Small Town and Rural Police
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