Thomas J. Bouquard

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Thomas J. Bouquard brings over forty years of experience in law enforcement and arson investigation on the table.  In 1951, Captain Thomas J. Bouquard became an active member of the United States Navy and her served his country in the Korean War.  When he returned in 1956, he joined the New York State police force and soon transferred to the Buffalo Fire Department, becoming the active Battalion Chief in 1985 and an Internal Affairs Officer in 1990. Although he retired in 1992, he still remains involved in the field of arson investigation through his copious writing and research.  Through the book, he hopes to share some of his accumulated knowledge with the young men and women who are the future of law enforcement.  Captain Thomas J. Bouquard is the author of Arson Investigation.

Arson Investigation: The Step-By-Step Procedure
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