Dr. Ronald E. Shultz

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Dr. Ronald E. Shultz served in three branches of the United States Military; Air force; Navy; and, Army.  He served in the United States Army (R) from 1984 until his retirement in 1998.  Currently, Dr. Ronald Shultz is an Associate Pastor with the Macedonia Baptist Church (Mesquite, Texas).  Dr. Ronald Shultz is the author of Jailhouse Religion and The Power of Holy Women.

According to the book description of Jailhouse Religion, “Someone said that God must have loved po' folks because He made so many of them. God does love the poor and the rich as well. Although the word "poor" does relate to finances, many times in Scriptures it refers to being distressed or depressed. Jesus blessed those who were poor in spirit because they realized they were bankrupt before God and needed Him to enrich their lives here and hereafter. Paul should have felt poor in every way but wrote Philippians as the richest man in creation. He was in jail, but was freer than most of us. He was distressed and yet as joyful as a bride and groom on their wedding day. In my life, I have been po' in every biblical sense of the word. This commentary was written by a po' man who became rich spiritually desiring that other po. folks may find true wealth as well.”

According to the book description of The Power of Holy Women, “Since the Fall, there has been a battle of the sexes because there has been a battle against God. God made men and women to perfectly complement each other in love. That perfect unity and love was despised by Satan who set Adam and Eve up to destroy what God had created. God has given directions throughout the Bible on how to restore that love and unity. Men have abused or denied those directions and have left many women to feel inadequate, powerless, and unloved by God and man. Some have sought to overcome those feelings by drastic means, and in the end have hurt themselves even more. God wants to fulfill and empower women. This book seeks to overcome the abuses and show how women can have it all! They can gain the power of holy women!”

Jailhouse Religion
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The Power of Holy Women
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