Robert Flournoy

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 Between 1971 and 1972, Robert Flournoy was a 1st Lieutenant, Artillery Forward Observer (A Co., 2/28 Infantry, 1st Cav) in Vietnam.  He was discharged in 1973 at the rank of Captain. An author and artist living in Tennessee, he is the author of Just a Little Rain: ...Baby Boomers & Military Brats Reflect on Childhood, Baseball and War.

According to Robert Flournoy’s book description, “A nostalgic pause in middle-aged baby boomers lives, Just a Little Rain is a collection of the reflections of several men and a one remarkable woman who played on the sandlots of the 1950s and early 1960s, traveled the world in the face of the Cold War, many as military brats, and got down to the grim task of the Vietnam War before they realized that their childhoods had ended. Chronicled by a first person narration that speaks for a generation, these old friends consider the quick ride that they were on and its impact on who they are now, both pragmatically and spiritually, and how different their children’s lives are from their own. Regardless of your age or station in life, you will find a little bit of yourself in these pages, as these participants, older now, revisit their childhood dreams and a few nightmares with the magic of that big hit that they all got at least once in their lives, still sweet in their minds. Grandparents, hometowns, childhood and military friends, gone or gone their own way, but never forgotten, like the crack of a bat and the smack of a mitt which were the pipers call to a game for generations of boys who were caught up in the sirens song of baseball. We have been trying to recapture the definitive moments of our past ever since it became the past and we began looking back wistfully, wondering where it went. Was it Fitzgerald who told us that we do not look back, searching for events, we merely search for our youth? If you didn’t cry, or at least get choked up when a son and his dead father played catch in Field of Dreams, then you have lost the magic. But, I bet you had it once, just like all the rest of us did. We may have filed the unpleasant things in our lives off in some corner of our minds, but not baseball. We are still waiting for that perfect pitch. And just when the curtain is falling, well be wanting one more at bat, one more race down the base path, one more real game.”

Just a Little Rain: ...Baby Boomers & Military Brats Reflect on Childhood, Baseball and War
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On reader commented on Just a Little Rain: ...Baby Boomers & Military Brats Reflect on Childhood, Baseball and War, “This is about a whole lot more than baseball or growing up a military brat. This is about a generation that inherited a sense of duty and obligation from an earlier time that led them on a path of disillusionment, and in many cases, destruction. This beauty, a work of wondrous art, asks the unanswered questions of millions, and in its' own round about way, answers them. I love this book. I really love this book”

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