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Walter Stuhdreher

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Walter “Bud” Stuhdreher, USN “is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University.  He served in the Navy as four years as a midshipman and three plus years as an officer, all at sea.”  He is the author of Sour M.A.S.H. at Sea and Sour M.A.S.H. at Sea: Ebb Time.

One reader said of SOUR M.A.S.H. at Sea, it “is a great comic collection of true, if tall, tales from the life of "Bud" Stuhldreher (nephew of one of Knute Rockney's Four Horsemen of Notre Dame). These wild tales range from Ensign Stuhldreher's life on the hospital ship USS Haven during the Korean War to naval escapades in the Mediterranean, to golfing adventures abroad and at home -- "Why U.S. Steel Fired Me Over A Golf Game," to the glory days of Cape Canaveral's Space Program (with personal insights about individual heroic astronauts), even to Stuhldreher's frolics as a performing magician.


The book opens with a brawl between the army and navy in Korea and just about closes with the magician and his golfing audience hurling hard golf balls back and forth at each other. In between there is so much to laugh at, you wonder whether Stuhldreher should have been a stand up and knock them down comedian.


Stuhldreher is a gifted writer. He knows where his audience is, how to get them into the scene, and how to get them where he wants to take them. As an old WWII vet myself, I can tell you he writes the way we talked back in the wars of the 1940's and '50s. (Not Poltically Correct.) He brings that long gone era directly before us, the way we were.

Sour M.a.s.h. at Sea
Walter Stuhldreher  More Info

Walter ''Bud'' Stuhldreher  More Info

I have a young grandson who is leaving for the Navy in a few days. I'm giving him my copy of SOUR M.A.S.H. AT SEA..., and I'm getting a new copy for myself. The book is for just about everyone -- especially us old vets who deserve one more rich laugh before we die. But who didn't love the great T.V. series M.A.S.H.? SOUR M.A.S.H.... goes that series one better: every incident and every character (save one) in the book is real. One more proof that truth can be at least as funny as fiction.”

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