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Tom E. Jones

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Lieutenant Tom E. Jones, USN (ret.) “has spent the past 24 years working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, health care providers and small businesses alike, helping to make them functional and profitable. As a specialist in Organization Development, he has provided coaching and training programs to employers and employees, showing them how to minimize their differences and work together toward a common goal.”  Lieutenant Tom E. Jones has a “rich educational background supports his experiential learning. Jones holds Bachelor’s degrees in Business and in Management, a Master’s degree in Management Engineering, and a Doctorate in Organization and Leadership. Dr. Jones has served on the faculty at five universities: University of Maryland, The University of Redlands, California State University, Fresno, Pacific University and The University of San Francisco where he was named 1991 Teacher of the Year.”


Lieutenant Tom E. Jones is the author of If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace; Help! I'm Surrounded by Idiots; and, Breakaway Management : Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace.


According to the book description of If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace, “Every manager slogging away in the modern workplace has laughed at the twisted tales of dysfunctional behaviors chronicled in "Dilbert"; They've probably even experienced the effects firsthand (definitely not as funny). But what they haven't done is fix the problem. If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It blows the lid off the problem of dysfunction in the workplace. It helps managers step back, recognize both the subtle and overt symptoms, and begin administering some serious cures.


This easy-to-read book gives managers ready-to-use tools to strike at the heart of dysfunction and a blueprint to overcome it. Through colorful stories and illustrated models leaders learn how to point dysfunctional followers in the right direction as they search for solutions . . . how to create a respectful atmosphere where teams can flourish . . . how to build healthy relationships that thrive on purpose rather than personality.”


One reader of If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace said, “During my long working career I have participated in numerous courses, got advice from the best consultants and read lots of complicated theories. This is the first book that gives clear and practical advice to identify and solve the problems of an dysfunctional organization. I recommend Jones's book warmly to everyone who is interested in improving the quality of the activity of his organization.”


Another reader of If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace said, “Excellent book for the Organizational Development professional and the manager alike. In his usual very effective style, Dr. Jones' "lessons" are very readable, practical, and understandable, with just the right mix of humor, metaphors and stories. His uses of actual experiences serve to effectively demonstrate the “real-life” usefulness and value of the techniques he describes. Every organization experiences dysfunction, to one degree or another, and can, therefore, benefit from the guidance Dr. Jones provides in this book.”


According to one reader of Breakaway Management: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace, “Breakaway Management articulates what's true about workplace behaviors: all people have them and they are less than ideal. People bring along their less than ideal histories (Managers are people too!) and create barriers to change that keep organizations or work groups stuck. The dysfunctional patterns can be identified and named, openly dealt with, and constructively managed. The tools provided in this book help to talk about what's real in the workplace and that's a common sense approach that experience teaches works well.”

If It's Broken, You Can Fix It: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace
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Help! I'm Surrounded by Idiots
Tom E. Jones  More Info

Breakaway Management : Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace
Tom E. Jones  More Info

According to the book description of Help! I'm Surrounded by Idiots, “Tough times can give rise to strange behavior, so that, even if you never felt surrounded by idiots before, you may now be starting to wonder. Jones identifies the eight common conditions that lead to idiot-like behaviors and shows you how to avoid or resolve each one.


Business books are like cuisines: some stuff you, some leave you hungry, and some make you want to heave. This book is so good you want to go back for seconds. Help! I'm Surrounded by Idiots tells you, in plain non-consultant-speak English, where to start, what to do, and how to continue to create the kind of rapport with colleagues that makes companies great -- and careers stellar. Jones provides simple strategies and workable examples that can easily be grasped by the average person and yet are significant enough to determine the success or failure of a modern corporation.”


The Midwest Book Review said of in Help! I'm Surrounded By Idiots: A Workplace Survival Guide, “author Tom E. Jones draws upon his many years of experience and expertise working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, health care providers, and small businesses to offer a jargon-free presentation of what working men and women can and should do to create rapport with colleagues and work with their associates to build better careers and better companies. Help! I'm Surrounded By Idiots argues against the traditional "one size fits all" approach so common to standard personnel training and typical workshop gurus. Tom Jones has a natural writer's gift for making sophisticated concepts and complex work place relationships readily understandable and instantly recognizable to the reader. Very strongly recommended reading for anyone wanting to successfully deal with staff and management generated workplace stress.”


Another reader of Breakaway Management: Overcoming Dysfunction in the Workplace said, “Finally, the fix-it for dealing with those "people problems" that ultimately cause organizational ineffectiveness and failure! Dr. Jones spends just enough time outlining the origins of dysfunction and the widespread impact of dysfunction to convince any business person that it is this dysfunction we must focus on first in our organizations--and not our structures or policies or procedures. Throughout his book, Dr. Jones develops the pathway for any manager to deal respectfully and responsibly with dysfunctional behaviors. No matter how rampant the dysfunction in your workplace, Dr. Jones has beautifully and practically developed the "way out" for managers so they can implement and foster the "way back" into functional behaviors which, ultimately, creates the "way to" organizational success.”

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