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Tex Atkinson

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Commander Tex Atkinson, USN (ret.) “received his wings in July 1949. He made five carrier tours and flew over 100 combat missions in Korea before retiring from the Navy in 1968. Atkinson holds the usual assortment of awards, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.  He is the author of From The Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War.


According to the book description of From The Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War, “An autobiography of a naval aviator who flew over 100 combat missions in the Korean War. Tex Atkinson flew F4U Corsairs and AD Skyraiders. He served on the USS Princeton and USS Boxer.


An important contribution to the history of naval aviation with detailed and often chilling accounts of combat flying during the Korean War and of straight-deck carrier operations during that time. Includes excellent descriptions of the flying characteristics (and hazards) of the Corsair and Skyraider.  Also a very human story with accounts of the author's growing up years in Hillsboro, Texas and his attendance at Southwestern University. There is an interesting account of a Willie Nelson concert to benefit the restoration of the Hill County courthouse which burned to the ground and was completely rebuilt to look like the original.”

From the Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War
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