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Rogenna Brewer

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Rogenna Brewer served in the United States Navy and “her duty stations included the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel, Washington, DC., Naval Intelligence Command, Suitland, Maryland and Naval Hospital, Orlando, Florida.  Rogenna attended the University of Maryland Overseas Division and Southern College.”  Rogenna Brewer is the author of The Marine’s Baby; Sign, SEAL, Deliver; SEAL It with a Kiss; Midway Between You and Me; and, The SEAL's Baby.

One reader of The SEAL's Baby said, “I bought this book after I saw that it'd made the Waldenbooks bestsellers' list for series romance, and I was definitely not disappointed. Rogenna Brewer delivers a well-crafted, highly charged story with engaging characters. Mike, the hero, is especially drool-worthy, and Hannah is a perfect match for him. And it's clear that this author knows her stuff when it comes to the military. I look forward to her next book.”


One reader of The SEAL's Baby said, “I've thoroughly enjoyed all of Rogenna Brewer's characters, but Hannah and Mike will stay tucked away in a corner of my heart. Once again the author has drawn on her own Navy days to craft a story that's compelling and rich in military detail. Don't miss this one!”


One reader of Midway Between You and Me said, “This was the first romance novel i ever read and it just drew me into the genre! It reminded me of that east meets west, Miss Saigon, theme but with a happy ending. Good storyline. And i just love the military guys! Always respectful, honest, hardworking, generous, loyal, protective, all-around good guys. This was a love story worth reading about! Also, read the other Rogenna Brewer books. Her first two books are part of Bowie Prince's family. They are just as passionate and thrilling as this one.”


One reader of Midway Between You and Me said, “Professor Tam Nguyen, daughter of a North Vietnamese local and a Navy SEAL, is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Game Warden on Midway where she meets SEABEE lieutenant Bowie Prince. There's instant attraction, but Tam will not let herself become involved with a serviceman as did her mother. Bowie, however, is as taken with Tam and is determined to get to know her better. When he ships out, she assumes she's seen the last of the man who has the power to capture her heart. Not so! The two meet in Hawaii, and information Tam got from Bowie starts her on a quest to discover who her father was and perhaps put an end to a 30-year search by her mother who cannot forget the "husband" who fathered her daughter.


This story involves flashbacks to 1972 Vietnam, skillfully done; changes of venue that allow the reader to learn more about the conversion of the Midway Islands to a peacetime sanctuary, and the horror of human bondage in the opium smuggling trade, all told without losing the romance. But most of all it's a love story, beautifully told; a story that satisfies on a deep level. And yes, Tam finds her father! Don't miss this latest Men in Uniform offering from the talented Rogenna Brewer.”


One reader of SEAL It with a Kiss said, “Commander Marc Miller is everything a hero should be. The tension sizzles as he goes toe-to-toe with Lt. Tabby Chapel. Her goal is to complete a feasibility study to prove women can make it in the SEAL's, and his mission is to prove otherwise. Ms.Brewer has done her homework. The military details are authentic. Every secondary character in the book rings true with a unique voice, from Manny the bartender to Hugh the cocky instructor. A fast paced read, charged with sexual tension, a compelling plot and lots of humor. If that isn't enough, Marc Miller is featured on the cover, and as described in the book, he's one heck of a man in uniform!”


One reader of SEAL It with a Kiss said, “I have read A LOT of romance novels from several different authors, but this is the first one that has stayed with me for weeks. It's romantic, of course, (I could feel the romance between Marc and Tabby in my heart for days!) but it's also realistic. It's sexy without being sappy; humorous without being corny; and descriptive without being boring. What I truly liked was the fact that as a civilian (with absolutely no knowledge of any policies or procedures of the military), I could read and follow the action. She used military terms as they would be used, then carefully explained them in the following sentences. This is a gifted author who has (hopefully) just begun. Read "SEAL it with a Kiss" and find out why!”


One reader of Sign, SEAL, Deliver said, “Zack Prince becomes an "Ace" naval aviator in his efforts to protect his wingman, Lieutenant Michelle Dann, his oldest frined and his first love. The story is action packed and keeps you on your reading toes until the end but lacks the emotional impact of Zack's sister, Tabby'a story in "SEAL it with a Kiss". [These two are great companion books].


Why would any woman carry around the emotional garbage Michelle did for twelve years? She could have made her own catylist to find the heart of her man. Needless to say these SEALS books are highly recommended -- no one will find them a waste of reading time. The imagery of the take offs from a ship [moving at that] still give me the willys. You Have to admire these men and their machines. God Bless them all - as we keep in mind those in the flesh.”

The Marine's Baby (Harlequin Superromance)
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Sign, SEAL, Deliver: In Uniform (Harlequin Superromance No. 980)
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SEAL It with a Kiss: In Uniform (Harlequin Superromance, No. 833)
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Midway Between You and Me: In Uniform (Harlequin Superromance No. 1070)
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The SEAL's Baby: A Little Secret (Harlequin Superromance No. 1223)
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According to the book description of The Marine’s Baby, “In just a few months Caitlin Calhoun went from a wife to a widow to a mother-to-be. All she'd wanted was to honor her dead husband by having his baby. But that's not what she got. Thanks to an unfortunate mix-up, her child's father is her husband's half brother, Lucky. So how does she break the news that he's about to become a father? Family is the last thing the war-toughened Marine expected to have--not with all the bad blood in his own. But Lucky would never turn his back on a child...or the woman who's given him a second chance.”


Harriet Klausner said of The Marine’s Baby, “Caitlin Calhoun mourns the death of her Navy SEAL husband Luke Calhoun, Jr. who died in the line of duty. 89 days 9 hours and 9 minutes since the two uniforms knocked on her door with the news she dreaded, Caitlin receives a letter from CryoBank of San Diego asking what to do with his semen specimen. She decides she wants his offspring so she goes to the cryo facility to get impregnated.”


However, Caitlin is unaware that her late spouse had an older half-brother with the same name; neither did the sperm bank. She learns later that she has been impregnated by the sperm of Luke Calhoun; just not her Luke Calhoun. Feeling she owes her half-brother-in-law the truth, Caitlin meets and explains to Luke "Lucky" Calhoun about the mix-up. The marine knows what he wants, which are Caitlin and their baby, but she is wary having lost one military officer she loved to the war on terrorism.


Caitlin makes this contemporary romance works as she goes from grief to euphoria to shock to love to guilt in a believable manner. Luke the marine is a caring person who understands much of what his beloved is dealing with as he learns from her that his half-brother was also a good person. Readers will appreciate this strong military romance as Rogenna Brewer brews up a deep lead couple struggling with forming a relationship as the ghost of her late spouse, his brother, lingers in their minds.”


One reader of Sign, SEAL, Deliver said, “Naval ace Zach Prince is a renegade all the way. He wants to marry his wingman, pilot and childhood friend Lt. Michelle Dann, but Michelle, who plays by the rules, seeks a promotion instead. When her plane is shot down by MIGS over a no-fly zone, she is presumed dead. A heartbroken Zach begins SEAL training and learns Michelle may still be alive. He goes to bring her back. Ms. Brewer has crafted an exciting, fast-paced military story that will keep the reader on her toes right til the end. This story has many twists and turns, all executed beautifully.”

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