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Rodney Demery

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Detective Rodney Demery, Shreveport Police Department (Louisiana) is “a decorated veteran of the United States Navy, Detective Rodney Demery has served the public as an officer of the peace for 25 years. Demery, who served in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield, attended Louisiana State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Throughout his career as a police officer, he has worked in three states.”  Detective Rodney Demery is the author of Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father's View of Sex, Relationships and Happiness and No Place for Race.

According to the book description of Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father's View of Sex, Relationships and Happiness, “A lifetime of dating and a career full of police investigations combine to produce relationship lessons, suggestions, and advice for women. Women tired of guessing what men think can get a frank, first-hand look at relationships from a man's point-of-view in Things My Daughters Need to Know. Author Rodney L. Demery's powerful memoir will help women see their relationships from a different perspective. He knows the lies men tell and the tricks they try. He shares this information and offers insight to help women learn how to get clues to guys' behavior so they can choose their men wisely.”

According to the book description of No Place for Race, “America has made many strides in our lifetime, including electing a president who is black. But race continues to be a central theme for many, causing them to attribute racial motivations to law enforcement, social policies, and laws. Race, though, has become less of a barrier or defining issue, as blacks have gained access to every corner of American government and public life.

In No Place for Race, Rodney L. Demery shows why his experience as a longtime officer of the law shows that issues blamed on race often have other causes. Demery urges that we stop using the oversimplified and easy answer of race, but instead delve deeper to look at the causes of issues that plague our families and communities. When we open ourselves up to the possibility of a social or economic cause or component to a problem, we also open ourselves up to the possibility that we can come up with a real answer to that problem, for we all want the same things.

This book will show you why: 1) Police racial profiling may be the result of the failure of black police administrators and policy makers rather than white supremacists. 2) Forty years of failed drug policies have put more drugs on the streets; and failed to reduce either supply or demand. 3) Black preachers have failed their communities and perpetuated a fear of nonexistent systemic racism, so they can profit from the fear. 4) George Zimmerman was the exception, not the rule: The most vital threat to a black man is a black man. 5) We have overcome, but many have failed to acknowledge it ... even to themselves.”

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