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Richard S. Lowry

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Richard S. Lowry, USN, “is an internationally recognized military historian, author and eleventh generation American. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy Submarine Service. He published The Gulf War Chronicles in 2003. He has been published in Military Magazine, Leatherneck and the Marine Corps Gazette. Berkley Publishing released Richard’s next full-length book, Marines in the Garden of Eden in June of 2006. It is the story of America’s sons and daughters, who fought, bled, and died in a dusty desert town on the banks of the Euphrates River.

Richard has spoken to many community organizations such as local chapters of the Military Officers Association, the Daughters of the American Revolution, Marines for Life, Marine Corps League and the Florida Retired Chief Petty Officers Association on many different subjects relating to the current war in Iraq and Operation Desert Storm. He is a member in the Florida Writers Association and founder of The Orlando Writers Guild.


In June of 2004, Richard was awarded a research grant from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and was invited to the Marine Corps Historical Center to research the events of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Richard maintains a vast collection of Gulf War documentation. He has compiled over four hundred hours of audio recordings of his and other interviews as well as thousands of pages of documentation. Richard S. Lowry is the author of Marines in the Garden of Eden: The True Story of Seven Bloody Days in Iraq; US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003; and, The Gulf War Chronicles: A Military History of the First War with Iraq.


According to the book description of The Gulf War Chronicles: A Military History of the First War with Iraq, “Extensively researched, painstakingly documented, and dedicated to the courageous men and women who fought and served in the First War with Iraq, this is a factual military history of Operation Desert Storm-and the only readable and thorough chronicle of the entire war. From the first night of battle to Day Two, when Saddam struck back, to G Day and the eventual cease-fire, accomplished military historian Richard S. Lowry delivers a detailed, day-by-day account of each battle and every military encounter leading up to the liberation of Kuwait. Desert Storm was a war of many firsts: America's first four-dimensional war; the first time in military history that a submerged submarine attacked a land target; the Marine Corps' first combat air strikes from an amphibious assault ship; the first time in the history of warfare that a soldier surrendered to a robot; and more. And it was an overwhelming victory for the United States and its allies. Intentionally presented without political commentary and ending with a complete listing of the heroic Americans killed in Desert Storm as well as a battle timeline, glossary, bibliography, and resources, The Gulf War Chronicles provides a much-needed understanding of the nature of modern-day, high-tech warfare and honors America's collective resolve and commitment to freedom.


One reader of The Gulf War Chronicles: A Military History of the First War with Iraq said, “It is now over 13 years since Operation Desert Storm began on January 16, 1991. Given the length of time that has passed, one startling fact is evident in the Desert-Storm Community, there is no single work that provides an accurate day-by-day, hour-by-hour account of Operation Desert-Storm, from the onset of hostilities until the cease-fire declared at Safwan (extensively covered in Ally to Adversary: An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace by Rick Francona), until now.Richard Lowry's The Gulf War Chronicles strives to fill this void and to do so in detail, yet still provides a fast-paced read.”


According to the book description of US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003, “Operation Iraqi Freedom officially began on March 20, 2003 and has become one of the most controversial conflicts of modern warfare. Thousands of US Marines were deployed into Iraq in order to topple the dictatorship government and liberate the Iraqi people. This book examines the experience of those "ordinary" Marines who fought on the frontline of one of the major battles in the operation, the battle for An Nasiriyah. This title details the Marines' enlistment, levels of training and life in the Iraqi desert, as well as exploring their important role in the complex stabilization operations after their hard-won victories on the battlefield. US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 offers a fascinating insight into the modern Marine Corps.”


Publisher’s Weekly said of Marines in the Garden of Eden: The True Story of Seven Bloody Days in Iraq, “This account of "the bloodiest battle in the campaign to oust Saddam Hussein" in An Nasiriyah announces its overblown style in the first lines: "This is a story of heroism and sacrifice—of life and death. This is a story of today's Marine Corps." According to Lowry (The Gulf War Chronicles), the Marines and Special Forces "snatched victory from the jaws of defeat" and rescued Private Jessica Lynch through compassionate heroism, despite the loss of 34 Americans, nearly half of whom died through accidents and friendly fire. An essential target in the first days of the Iraq war, An Nasiriyah held two bridges over the Euphrates. Fighting inside the city was not part of the plan, but became inevitable when communications faltered and after Lynch's supply unit blundered into Iraqi positions. With admirable courage, U.S. forces fought through the streets, captured the bridges and rescued Lynch. Lowry's nuts-and-bolts description of the fight represents his strongest writing. Following the genre's convention of portraying individual soldiers, Lowry includes virtually everyone he interviewed; there are dozens of names, always followed by a flattering sketch (alternately "tough, yet fair" or "fair yet strict"). As additional evidence that these soldiers are America's finest, he quotes their patriotic statements, affectionate letters to their children, and their spouses' always favorable opinions. It took immense research to produce such detail, but Lowry's gushing account may not extend far beyond the Marines involved and their families.”

New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah
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Marines in the Garden of Eden: The True Story of Seven Bloody Days in Iraq
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US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 (Warrior)
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THE GULF WAR CHRONICLES: A Military History of the First War with Iraq
Richard Lowry  More Info

According to the book description of New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah, “Fallujah. Few names conjure up as many images of blood, sacrifice, and valor as does this ancient city in Al Anbar province forty miles west of Baghdad. This sprawling concrete jungle was the scene of two major U.S. combat operations in 2004. The first was Operation Vigilant Resolve, an aborted effort that April by U.S. Marines intent on punishing the city's insurgents. The second, Operation Phantom Fury, was launched seven months later. Richard Lowry's 'New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah' is the first comprehensive history of this fighting.


Also known as the Second Battle for Fallujah, Operation Phantom Fury was a protracted house-to-house and street-to-street combat that began on November 7 and continued unabated for seven bloody and exhausting weeks. It was the largest fight of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the heaviest urban combat since the Battle of Hue City, Vietnam in 1968. Death and redemption were found everywhere, from narrow streets to courtyards, kitchens, bedrooms, and rooftops. By the time the fighting ended, more than 1,400 insurgents were dead, compared to ninety-five Americans (and another 1,000 wounded).

Lowry (Marines in the Garden of Eden) spent years researching and writing his new campaign history. In addition to archival research, New Dawn is based upon the personal recollections of nearly 200 soldiers and Marines who participated in the battles for Fallujah, from the commanding generals who planned the operations to the privates who kicked in the doors. The result is a gripping, page-turning narrative of individual sacrifice and valor that also documents the battles for future military historians.

The struggle against a determined enemy at the crossroads of civilization is the story of American kids who grew up down the block from you only to fly halfway around the world to fight in the largest battle of the war. 'New Dawn' is about their courage, their sacrifice, and their commitment to freedom. And it is a story you will never forget.
About the Author: Richard S. Lowry is an internationally recognized military historian, public speaker, and author. He is a Vietnam-era veteran of the United States Submarine Service, husband, father of three sons, and longtime resident of Orlando, Florida. He has published The Gulf War Chronicles (iUniverse, 2003 and iUniverse Star, 2008), Marines in the Garden of Eden (Berkley Caliber, 2006 and 2007), and US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 (Osprey, 2006). Additionally, he contributed to Small Unit Actions (United States Marine Corps History Division, 2008) and was commissioned by the History Division to write a battle study of Task Force Tarawa's involvement in the 2003 invasion. He has been published in The Weekly Standard, Armchair General, Military Magazine, and The Marine Corps Gazette. In 2008, Richard was the military consultant for David C. Taylor's award-winning documentary film, "Perfect Valor." The majority of the stories in "Perfect Valor" are pulled from the pages of New Dawn.

In 2006, Marines in the Garden of Eden won the Silver Medal for history from the Military Writers Society of America. The Gulf War Chronicles also received recognition from MWSA in 2006 and has achieved Editor's Choice, Reader's Choice, and STAR distinction from iUniverse. "Perfect Valor" earned the Best Feature Documentary Award at the 2009 GI Film Festival."

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