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Lon Cantor

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Lon Cantor served in the US Navy during the Korean War.  He served as an electronics technician about the USS Wochester, a light cruiser.  After the war, he earned a BS in Public Relations at Columbia University.  During his civilian career, he “worked his way up to executive positions in the Electronics Industry. He served as Director of Marketing Communications for RCA, then General Electric and finally Level One, now a part of Intel.”  Lon Cantor is the author of What Makes America Great?: Land of Freedom, Honor, Justice, and Opportunity and Program Your Mind For Success.


According to the book description of What Makes America Great: Land of Freedom, Honor, Justice, and Opportunity, “Unlike dry history books, What Makes America Great? is written in a breezy, personal style. It makes history come alive with humanizing stories about the men and women who made America great.


According to the book description of Program Your Mind for Success, “Your brain is like a tremendously powerful computer. In fact, today’s most powerful super computers have only a tiny fraction of the capability of the human brain. Yet, scientists estimate that most of us use only 5% to 10% of the capacity of our brains. To use a computer effectively, you have to program it. To better utilize the marvelous brain you were born with, you also have to learn to program it more effectively. This book enables readers to program their brains using Success Scripts and visualization techniques. These techniques have been taught in many seminars and workshops. Most of today’s star athletes and many business leaders program their minds using these methods.”

What Makes America Great?: Land of Freedom, Honor, Justice, and Opportunity
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Program Your Mind For Success
Lon Cantor  More Info

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