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Leon Cooper

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Leon Cooper is an inventor/entrepreneur who holds a number of patents primarily in the field of fire safety. During World War Two he was a United States Naval Officer.  As the Boat Group Commander for his ship he lead Higgins Boats carrying assault troops in six invasions of Japanese-held islands: Starting with Tarawa and ending with Iwo Jima. These near-death battle experiences are played out as the background for the other conflict -- that between Cooper and the ship's commanding officer.  He is the author of The War in the Pacific and co-author of 90 Day Wonder: Darkness Remembered.


According to the book description of 90 Day Wonder: Darkness Remembered, “You have more balls than brains, the ship's Executive Officer told Leon Cooper, the young Naval officer (AKA Day Wonder) summing up the repeated confrontations Cooper had been having with the ship's Commanding Officer, as told in this WWII story about the abuse of power, murder, revenge, love, and redemption.”

90 Day Wonder : Darkness Remembered
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The War i Pacific: A Retrospective
Leon Cooper  More Info

According to the book description of The War in the Pacific, “The author, a combat veteran of the Pacific War, explains why five major Pacific War battles were not needed to defeat the Japanese, hence resulting in more than 100,000 tragically needless U.S. casualties. The author participated in most of these battles, thus is able to offer a first-hand account of what went wrong.”

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