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Joseph J. Reis

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Commander Joseph J. Reis, Jr. USN (ret.) “is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran. His 25 years as a naval aviator, combined with a fertile imagination and a gift for story telling have resulted in an absorbing and humorous novel.”  Commander Joseph J. Reis, Jr. is the author of Naval Aviation Cadet Benson.

According to the book description of Naval Aviation Cadet Benson, “This riveting tale follows one naval aviation cadet as he attempts to earn the coveted Navy Wings of Gold. As Lance Benson's story unfolds readers share in adventures and mishaps, and encounter along the way a colorful cast of characters such as: the Count, the Green Hornet, the Brawlers, and the Screamer. As a retired naval aviator himself, Reis' breadth of knowledge allows him to create a plot that is not only intriguing, but also a detailed and accurate portrayal of the thrilling experience of naval flight. Readers are exposed to numerous maneuvers such as: safe for solo, acrobatics, formation, carrier qualifications, instrument and night flying.


One reader of Naval Aviation Cadet Benson said, “I thoroughly enjoyed this book by retired US Navy Commander Reis. His style of writing allowed me to experience the emotions and reactions of the main characters while I was reading. The book was a pleasure to read and very informative. Because I was never in the armed forces, I liked learning about the training and procedures that Cadet Benson experienced. I was able to empathize with him as he struggled with his career decisions, the difficult tasks he had to complete, and his being able to adapt to the different trainers and supervisors he encountered throughout the process. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in military life, flight training, or to anyone thinking about joining the armed forces. I hope the author has another book or two in him, as I look forward to following Ensign Benson as he arrives at his first assignment.”

Naval Aviation Cadet Benson
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