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Joseph Callo

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John Paul Jones: America's First Sea Warrior
Joseph F. Callo  More Info

Legacy of Leadership: Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson
Joseph F. Callo  More Info

Nelson Speaks: Admiral Lord Nelson in His Own Words
Joseph F. Callo  More Info

Nelson in the Caribbean: The Hero Emerges, 1784-1787
Joseph F. Callo  More Info

Who's Who in Naval History
Joseph F.Callo  More Info

According to the book description of Nelson in the Caribbean: The Hero Emerges, 1784-1787, “Nelson’s years in the West Indies as the young captain of the frigate HMS Boreas were an important period in his life that both shaped and predicted his role as a major player on history’s stage. Yet even the best Nelson biographies have not significantly explored that formative period. In this contemporary study, we see critical elements of Nelson’s character emerge, elements that carried him through his legendary actions at the Battles of the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar. The years Nelson spent in the Caribbean as captain of Boreas included career-threatening conflict with local British officials, the local populace, and even his own naval commander. These conflicts forced Nelson to decide between what he thought was the right thing and what everyone else wanted him to do. In the midst of those career-shaping conflicts, Nelson met, wooed, and married Fanny Nisbet. Woodcuts from a rare book help to create a feel for the book’s Caribbean setting.”


According to the book description of Who’s Who in Naval History: From 1550 to the Present, “As U.S. editor for this unique work, Joseph Callo was responsible for all of the U.S. entries. Commander Alastair Wilson, a retired commander of the British Royal Navy was the overall editor of this compact biographical guide to naval history. More than six hundred men and women, including two hundred-plus U.S. entries, are included in this work. Men and women who helped to shape naval warfare over the past six centuries—some famous and some virtually unknown—are described in carefully crafted mini-biographies. Covering key events from the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, when a combined Christian fleet defeated an Ottoman fleet off the coast of what is now Greece, this is an invaluable reference work for anyone interested in the people who have made naval history. This is a unique and fascinating view of naval history.”

Rear Admiral Joseph Callo, USN (ret.), was commissioned from the Yale University Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and served two years of sea duty with the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Amphibious Forces, where he was qualified as a surface warfare officer. Upon returning to civilian life, he commanded three reserve public affairs units and performed reserve duty with a variety of U.S. Navy commands, including: the Pre-Commissioning Detail of USS Saratoga, Sixth Fleet, Pacific Fleet, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Naval War College, Chief of Naval Reserve, Chief of Information, the Oceanographer of the Navy and others.


As a civilian, Joseph Callo has been a senior executive with major advertising firms, a freelance television producer, magazine writer and author.  Rear Admiral Joseph Callo is the author of John Paul Jones: America’s First Sea Warrior; Legacy of Leadership—Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson; Nelson Speaks—Admiral Lord Nelson in His Own Words; Nelson in the Caribbean: The Hero Emerges, 1784-1787; and, Who's Who in International Affairs 2005.  He is also an editor of Who’s Who in Naval History—From 1550 to the present.


According to the book description of John Paul Jones: America’s First Sea Warrior, “This is a new and different view of one of the American Revolution’s best known and least understood naval heroes. With an insightful view of John Paul Jones’s astonishing life, the author advances him beyond a narrow naval context and establishes him firmly as a key player in the War of Independence. His dramatic military achievements—including his improbable victory off Flamborough Head, England in the Continental Ship Bonhomme Richard—are related in the full context of his times, rather than as stand-alone events.”


According to the book description of Legacy of Leadership: Lessons from Admiral Lord Nelson, “This is a penetrating view of the exceptional leadership of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, one of history’s most successful naval commanders. Nelson not only applied winning tactics in crucial situations, he demonstrated the special importance of establishing a winning doctrine. By outlining Nelson’s five major battles, this book shows how Nelson matched his tactics to the long term strategy of Great Britain. This is a contemporary analysis of what made the hero of the Battles of the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar spectacularly successful in the ultimate test of combat. Legacy of Leadership goes beyond the events of Nelson’s life to explore what made him the unique leader he was. The lessons of leadership that emerge transcend time and circumstance and are as relevant today as they were 200 years ago.”


According to the book description of Nelson Speaks: Admiral Lord Nelson in His Own Words, “After two centuries of biographies and analyses of the man who shaped the course of history from the decks of his ships, Admiral Lord Nelson speaks for himself in this collection of compelling excerpts from his private letters and dispatches. Through Nelson’s own words readers come to fully appreciate the admiral’s piercing insights and provocative opinions. With chapters devoted to such subjects as duty, combat, politics, sea power, life and death, and Nelson’s views of himself and his wife, Frances Nisbet and his paramour Lady Hamilton, this book offers an array of memorable quotations. Each is placed in context by accompanying comments by the author. While conventional biographies develop Nelson’s character from the outside looking in, this book creates a candid self-portrait from the innermost thoughts of the subject. Rare engravings depict events in Nelson’s life.”

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