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John R. Hindinger

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John R. Hindinger, USN “graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1991 and served aboard the USS Kentucky, a Trident Missile submarine, prior to becoming a top-rated instructor of American submarine and international naval combat tactics at the U.S. Naval Submarine School. He earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Professional Engineer's License. After four years in Ford Motor Company's Information Technology department, he founded Jade Biomed, a company that develops alternative medical equipment.”  John R. Hindinger is the author of Rogue Trident and Rogue Avenger.

One reader of Rogue Trident said, “Picture a warship able to deliver several hundred times the blast that rocked Hiroshima. Imagine that warship invisible to even the latest technology. Now picture that warship in the hands of a dying man driven to vengeance. That’s the thrilling story that John Hindinger paints in his first novel, and he paints it very well.


Hindinger puts his years of experience as a US submarine officer to good use, crafting a thrilling tale about a submarine officer who seeks revenge on his former commanding officer by stealing a US missile submarine. With the help of a man he isn't sure he can trust, the renegade officer outsmarts two navies and the US government as he tries to escape.


My favorite thing about this book is that just when you think you know everything, Hindinger springs something on you that you didn't see coming. The effect is that you really have no idea how things are going to turn out until the last pages of the book, and you are on your literary toes the entire time. The other thing that struck me is how the author did such a great job of making the theft of a US missile submarine seem entirely plausible. Finally, his technical descriptions are top notch. There is no doubt that the author knows missile submarines inside and out.


This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, with plenty of solid action and unexpected surprises to keep readers entranced until the very end. Those who enjoy Clancy, Dale Brown, or Jeff Edwards are sure to ensure this book. Likewise, submariners past and present will find it enthralling. Highly recommended for thriller and naval buffs alike.”


According to the book description of Rogue Avenger, it “is the sequel to Rogue Trident, a Military Writers Society of America award winner. After hijacking a Trident Missile submarine in Rogue Trident, international arms dealer Pierre Renard and ex-naval officer Jake Slate team up for nobler purposes in Rogue Avenger. Pressured by a blockaded Taiwan, Renard agrees to lead a new Pakistani-built Agosta submarine against Chinese Kilo class boats. Refusing to join him, Slate hides in France where he is falling in love with undercover CIA seductress Olivia McDonald. As McDonald uses Slate to infiltrate Renard’s network and learn of the Agosta’s anti-Sino mission, she also discovers that a trusted CIA leader has betrayed her. She questions her loyalties. Meanwhile, a Pakistani submarine has gone rogue with genocidal intent, and the Pakistani Chief of Staff commissions Renard and his Agosta to hunt the renegade boat. A Virginia class submarine plays a vital protective role, but only the improbable alliance of Renard, Slate, and McDonald can protect hundreds of thousands of lives.”


Rogue Avenger
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According to the book description of Rogue Trident, “The U.S. Navy makes a big mistake when it thinks it can get away with sacrificing one of its own. Naval officer Jake Slate survives an explosion on a submarine, but the damage will haunt him forever. He learns that the worst harm resulted from malice, and when politically motivated naval officials bury the truth, they lock horns with the wrong guy. Slate's vengeance will turn the Navy inside out. Arms broker and French ex-submarine commander Pierre Renard discovers Slate's situation and recruits him to steal his Trident Missile submarine, the USS Colorado, and sell its warheads to Taiwan. Blinded by rage, unsure of his future, and uncertain of whom he can trust, Slate is confident in one thing - nobody can stop him from taking the Colorado. He allies with Renard and begins a journey that will define the fate of nations.”


One reader of Rogue Avenger said, “In Rogue Trident, author John R. Hindinger introduced us to Jake Slate, a renegade US Navy submariner who stole a nuclear missile submarine. Now, years later, Jake and international arms dealer Pierre Renard are back, acting as mercenaries for the Taiwanese against the dreaded Chinese Kilo class subs. And before long, they are dragged into hunting a rogue Pakistani submarine whose capain is bent on the nuclear destruction of both US and international assets. Hindinger uses his submarine experience to paint a believable backdrop for a unique storyline with well-developed characters and well-paced action. The author strikes the unique balance between too little technical detail and too much, giving just enough to solidly ground the story and make it enjoyable for both techno-thriller types and those who enjoy general military fiction. Hindinger further demonstrates his writing skills with the introduction of a believable and relevant love interest for Slate. Often only a detriment to military fiction and techno-thrillers, the female character of Olivia McDonald is instead a key player in the story, and the subplot between her and Jake is neither forced nor superfluous. Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to enjoy (even if you didn't read his first book), Rogue Avenger is definitely worth picking up and definitely hard to put down.”

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