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Jan E. Culbertson

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At age seventeen Jan E. Culbertson joined the U.S. Navy. While in the navy he served on various cruisers and aircraft carriers, as well as shore stations. He also served in the Vietnam War and received several citations. In 1980, Jan Culbertson retired with the rank of Chief Intelligence Specialist. While still in the navy, Jan Culbertson graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA degree in History.


In 1984, after retiring from the Navy, Jan Culbertson attended the University of San Diego School of Law and was awarded a JD degree. After working for several years as an attorney, Jan Culbertson decided it was not for him so he quit the law business and began his writing career.  Jan Culbertson is the author of The Legend of Dunsmoor Manor; The Legend of the Lost Tiki; Like Father; The Legend of Willow Springs Farm; and, Wilber: The Littlest Pumpkin.


Dr. Tami Brady said of The Legend of the Lost Tiki, “Bianca, Alyssa, and their mother set out for an adventure to Hawaii. The girls are eager to go swimming, attend a Hawaiian luau, learn to surf, and maybe do a little shopping. On the very first night, the family gets to attend a luau where the girls get to try out Hawaiian dancing. During the big event, the sisters also make a friend, Kaimi. Kaimi had sung a traditional Hawaiian song at the luau. This touching song told the tale of how the first Hawaiians came to the island and how a Tiki had been responsible for their safe journey. The saddest part of the song was that this Tiki had been lost and the Hawaiian people wished that someday it would be found. Perhaps the two sisters can help.


The Legend of the Lost Tiki is quite enjoyable. The girls have adventurous souls and are always ready for a new adventure whether it is learning to surf or tracking down antiquity smugglers. What will Bianca and Alyssa do next?”

The Legend of Willow Springs Farm
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Like Father
Jan E. Culbertson  More Info
The Legend of the Lost Tiki
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The Legend of Dunsmoor Manor
Jan E. Culbertson  More Info

According to the book description of Wilber: The Littlest Pumpkin, it “is the story of the littlest pumpkin in the patch who fears he will not be chosen by a child to be a Jack-O-Lantern. A fate worse than death awaits those pumpkins not chosen – they are sent to the pumpkin pie factory in the city! After many children pass Wilber by, a pretty young girl picks him to be her Jack-O-Lantern. Wilber is proud because he proves that you don’t have to be big to be a good Jack-O-Lantern. This book is bilingual (English/Spanish) and is filled with colorful whimsical illustrations. It is the perfect Halloween book for small children.”

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