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James Huonder

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James Huonder is a honorably discharged United States Navy veteran and the author of two books.  According to James Hounder, We have been happily married, because we work at it, for 25 years.  I have been a Sales Professional for over 30 years and for past 15 in the Mortgage Industry.  Before my sales career I was a Job Developer for the City of St Paul, Minnesota, helping disadvantaged adults find employment.  Seeing the struggles and frustrations that many of my clients experienced in coping with interviews, I was moved to write and self-publish a booklet titled How To Get Hired For Almost Any Job.  It was especially designed to help job seekers conquer interviews and get hired.  In our spare time my wife and I ski, bicycle, travel and cruise and race our sailboat in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.  Sam is also a passionate student of Middle East dance. James Huonder is also the author of The Real-He-Man 7 Minute Marriage Tune-Up.

One reader of The Real-He-Man 7 Minute Marriage Tune-Up said, Who is this guy, the author of The-Real-He-Man 7 Minute Marriage Tune-Up? He writes under the name of A. Manofewords. Is he an unknown author, or is he a well read psychologist specializing in marriage relationships using a different pen name?  Will we ever know his true identity? Whoever this person is in real life he was able to capture my full attention. Being able to state in simple terms the things that make a woman, feel like she is loved and is central to her husbands life. The author lists seven no nonsense steps that are  practical and essential to the marriage relationship. It doesn't take very long to read and put these steps into practice.  Expect fast, positive, results!  Your woman will love the attention and your marriage will be great!!  To A. Manofewords let me just say, "Thank You", in a very short time you have made a big difference!

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