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Herbert Kriloff

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Commander Herbert Kriloff, USN (ret.) is the author of Officer of the Deck: A Memoir of the Pacific War and the Sea and Proceed Orange. Assume Command.


According to the book description of Proceed Orange. Assume Command, “In 1943, Herb Kriloff, by then a Lieutenant, was ordered to Orange, Texas, to assume command of one of the Navy's new Destroyer Escorts, the USS Scroggins (DE799). Already experienced in combat on other ships in the Asian theatre, Kriloff still had much to learn. The Navy was just then introducing new radar and sonar technology aimed at battling the German's frighteningly efficient U-boat fleet, and Kriloff was left to deal with a crew of newly-trained boys fresh off the farm.”


According to the book description of Officer of the Deck: A Memoir of the Pacific War and the Sea, “Retired Navy commander Herb Kriloff recounts his days as the youngest officer assigned to the USS William B. Preston from 1939 to 1943. Readers travel with the young Naval Academy graduate to exotic locales like Oahu, the Dutch East Indies, and Manila as the "Willy B" and its daring crew patrol Japanese waters, survive an attack by enemy aircraft, and make a daring escape along the remote west coast of Australia. The author also retells of how he met, courted, and married a young English woman who had moved to Australia to escape the war. This classic tale retells in compelling detail a young man's coming of age and his advancement through the ranks as he learns real-world lessons no Annapolis classroom could ever impart.”

Proceed Orange. Assume Command.
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Officer of the Deck: A Memoir of the Pacific War and the Sea
Herbert Kriloff  More Info

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