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Harry A. Seymour, Jr.

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The Naval Officer's Guide Eleventh Edition
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Captain Harry A. Seymour, Jr., USN (ret.), graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1965.  He retired as the Dean of Alumni at the Academy and, as of 2008, served as a member of the Academy’s Admission’s committee.  Captain Harry A. Seymour, Jr., is a co author of The Naval Officer's Guide (Eleventh Edition).


According to a reader of The Naval Officer's Guide (Eleventh Edition), “I am not currently a member of the United States Navy, but I do aspire to be one of these days. I want to go to Officer Candidate School, earn my commission, and hopefully embark upon a prosperous Naval career. Of course, I know very little of what is involved in being a Naval officer beyond what I am able to glean from conversations with friends and colleagues who are current or past Naval officers. That is why "The Naval Officer's Guide" is so valuable. It gives a breakdown of all aspects of the life of a Naval officer. It deals with areas like training, promotions, Naval customs, and common job responsibilities, to name a few. That is just the tip of the iceberg, though. There is so much more in this guide that it becomes an indispensable manual for those who wish to learn about what it means to be an officer, as well as being a valuable reference piece for those who are already serving. As I read through this guide, I found myself developing a greater understanding of the Navy and finding myself able to visualize serving as an officer. There can be no greater endorsement of literature like this.”

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