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H. C. "Toby" Haynsworth

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Commander H. C. “Toby” Haynsworth, USN (ret.) served 20 years as a Supply Corps Officer in the United States Navy.  After his military career, he earned a Pd.D. at Clemson University and joined the faculty of the College of Business Administration at Winthorp University.  Commander H. C. Haynsworth is co-author of: White Christmas in April: The Collapse of South Vietnam, 1975; and, Nixon, Ford and the Abandonment of South Vietnam.


The Library Journal said of Nixon, Ford and the Abandonment of South Vietnam, “In this overview of the final years of the Vietnam War, Lee (South Carolina in the Civil War) and Haynsworth (retired, business administration, Winthrop Univ.) focus on the political and foreign policy maneuverings of Presidents Nixon and Ford, arguing that they distracted from the war effort. The result is generally evenhanded, but both Presidents are nevertheless faulted for not defeating the enemy as did Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Civil War and World War II, respectively. However, South Vietnam, unlike the United States, was not a country with a longtime democratic tradition but rather a geographic entity established by the 1954 Geneva Treaty. Nixon lost the moral credibility to lead America in war because he betrayed the public and Congress. Ford, a more decent man, knew what Nixon knew: by 1975 the public and Congress would no longer support a military role in Southeast Asia. Neither president led a public motivated to defeat the enemy, as Lincoln and Roosevelt had. Though it concentrates on the political realm, this book contains some harrowing first-person accounts from those who stayed or were left behind in South Vietnam once the Americans departed in 1973. Larry Berman's No Peace, No Honor is a more thorough investigation of Nixon's diplomatic duplicity. This work may be considered for larger public libraries and academic collections.”

Nixon, Ford and the Abandonment of South Vietnam
J. Edward Lee  More Info
White Christmas in April: The Collapse of South Vietnam, 1975
Peter Lang Publishing  More Info

According to the book description of White Christmas in April: The Collapse of South Vietnam, 1975, “In a fresh look at the end of America's longest war, the editors have re-created the last days of America's Vietnam experience. Using interviews, documents, photographs, maps, a glossary, and a chronology, the editors dissect "Operation Frequent Wind," the massive air and sea evacuation of South Vietnamese and Americans from Vietnam. The war's final moments comprise a snapshot of war in its entirety, complete with chaos, courage, and politics.”

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